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A special feature of the solvent recovery unit is the conical stainless steel distillation vessel, in which the shell surface is heated with steam. The heating steam in the double jacket transfers the heat extremely quickly to the solvent. At the same time, high distillation performance is achieved with a small boiler volume - rotogravure printing cylinder. For more information, please visit our site

We offer cow urine solvent recovery equipment, solvent recovery equipment, waste solvent recycling machines, solvent recovery distillation equipment, and recycling machines. There are different solvent recovery methods that work through liquid-liquid extraction, absorption techniques, movie evaporation, crystallization, and membrane separation. Some processes are better suited to certain solvents, but the overwhelming majority of solvents utilized in printing, paints, and coatings are wonderful candidates for distillation. As the hashish business continues to grow and consolidate in favor of essentially the most cost-effective operators, the demand for labor saving extraction equipment is on the rise - gravure cylinders.

This is designed for recovery of flexographic photopolymer plate solvent washout chemical and any environmental green chemical with specialties of distilling and cooling, can be connected with in-line processor and any plate washout machine directly. With cold air circulation and drain out of residue for high speed recovery. Super recovering rate in the shortest time, is an ideal and high efficient recovery unit for flexographer - rotogravure printing cylinder.

To meet the diversified requirements of our prestigious clients, we are engaged in offering solvent recovery equipment. The specialty of the equipment is that the machine can remove the solvent from the chemicals.  In addition, the machine can produce a volume quantity of. It takes just a few minutes for the unit to recover the solvent from the bulk. Moreover, the equipment is loaded with computerized controlling and micro-processing sensors aid in measuring the accurate pressure and distillation of the solvent in the substance.

The solvent recovery unit has a clever design. Only one electrical connection is required for the integrated steam heating. A high performance liquid ring vacuum pump conveys the dirt into the solvent recovery unit and guarantees continuous 24 hour operation. During automatic distillation in the solvent recovery unit, the evaporated amount of solvent is automatically replenished by the addition of dirt. This automatic mode can be set by timer. For more information, please visit our site