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We have established ourselves as one of the leading Rotogravure Printing Cylinder manufacturers and ought to serve our clientele with the best we have.We show who we are, with pride and we prove it. Our right aptitude and attitude is what marks our brilliance in the Gravure Printing cylinder. We promise to serve flexible gravure printing solutions with the best inks and best cylinders throughout the printing industry. Our team ensures that the client is updated with all the necessary facts and the status of the project covered. This helps us and our clients to work with transparency and proper communication.The design and colour usage marks the image build of the product. As the competition started rising among manufacturers, it realized the importance of customized packaging solutions and aimed to manufacture its gravure printing cylinder - gravure cylinders.

Gravure printing predominates in the high-volume printing of packaging, wallpaper and gift wrap. Although less common, it also works for printing magazines, greeting cards, and high- volume advertising pieces. In gravure printing, an image is acid-etched on the surface of a metal cylinder—one cylinder for each colour in a pattern of cells. The cells are recessed into the cylinder, unlike relief printing or letterpress where the printing image is raised or like offset printing, in which the image is level with the plate.The printer then covers the plate with ink and wipes the ink from the higher surface, leaving the depressions, or intaglio areas, filled with ink. Paper pressed to the plate then absorbs ink from the depressed areas. Varying the depth of the depressions provides tonal gradations in the printed image - cylinder rotogravure.

Gravure printing cylinders manufacturing is a complex matter which requires the ability to adapt and skilfully master all the stages in its processes. We are proud to have an experienced and dedicated team of experts in their own field that can take your product through all of the critical stages flawlessly. We are the industrial leader through innovative technologies and our company culture. Working with our clients we take your gravure printing cylinders from. No matter what your roll challenges are, you can count on our dedicated team of experts. Your surface design is created by world-leading creative embossing designers, utilizing their unrivalled technical knowledge of the opportunities and demands of. For more information, please visit our site

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