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Currency is necessary for survival, it makes the same in real life as well as in gaming world! In Amazon Games’ New World, New World Game Gold is the lifeblood and can be used to purchase primary stones, food, flasks, weapons, armors and more! So, getting enough NW Gold is the one of the most important thing for players!

How to get New World Money?


When you complete missions and quests, which you can pick up in your Settlement, you’ll get gold. This can range from Faction Quests, Town Projects, and also Side Quests too. Although you can get gold from quests, it’s not going to be the most efficient way to get gold, as some of the quests can be very time-consuming.

Looting. Always loot the killed NPC enemies and sell their stocks to the game vendors. Make a difference between the looted items, as some can be sold for a higher price if sold or traded to other players at the Auction House.

Gathering Resources

New World is full of resources like wood, stone, steel, and other materials too. You can collect these materials and sell them for a nice profit. If you are overflowing with resources then you can make a good amount of gold, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that farming materials and gathering resources are going to take time too. The demand is going to be big for materials and resources as players always need them for leveling up their items.


Crafting here refers to making some items and selling them to make some coins. Though crafting is not for beginners, as you progress, you will be in a position to refine your crafting skill to earn you more coins as a profession.

Top crafters in New World are bound to make more coins as they are in a position to craft high-end items. The items attract valuable clients in a position to pay more coins for your wares.

You could consider crafting armors and weapons as New World is bound to attract more low-level players who will be seeking to review and upgrade their gear. As you embark on learning crafting, evaluate the demand for your items and craft those in high demand to earn you more coins fast.

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