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Demanding for primary relatives is crucial in U.S. family-based immigration and a family petition lawyer’s assistance is valuable. The next of kin have a privileged status and no numerical visa limits. 

Permanent citizens initiate the process through Form I-130. After approval, they can seek permanent residency in the U.S. or Consular Processing abroad. Prioritizing core family reflects the government's commitment to reunification and cultural diversity.

Preference Categories According To A Family Petition Lawyer

Ranking divisions are specific familial relationships based on the connection between the foreign beneficiary and the lawful permanent resident requestor.

First Preference (F1)
  • Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens.

  • Unmarried children who are 21 years old or older.

Second Preference (F2)
  • Spouses, Children, and Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Lawful Permanent Residents.

  • Spouses and unmarried children (under 21 years) of lawful permanent citizens.

  • Unmarried children (21 years and older) of permanent settlers.

Third Preference (F3)
  • Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens.

  • Married children of U.S. citizens, regardless of age.

Fourth Preference (F4)
  • Brothers and Sisters of U.S. Citizens.

  • Siblings of U.S. citizens, if the citizen petitioner is at least 21 years old.

Steps On How To File I-130 Demand Form

Filing the I-130 appeal for Alien Relative is the first step in the immigration process. It helps a foreign national family member immigrate to the U.S.

Determine Eligibility 

Confirm that you, as a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident guarantor, are eligible to sponsor the intended member. This sponsorship falls under one of the family-based preference categories.

Complete I-130 Application

Accurate and thorough documentation is essential in filling up this paperwork. Gather necessary files, proof of relationship, supporting documents, and fee payment. Double-check all details to avoid delays or denials. 

Submit The Petition Package

Mail the completed Form I-130, along with all supporting documents and the filing fee, to the appropriate USCIS address as specified in the form instructions.

Confirmation Of Submission

After USCIS receives the plea, they will issue a receipt notice acknowledging the acceptance of your motion. The receipt will include a case number that can be used to track the status of the request.

Wait For Processing And Decision

After filing the petition, USCIS reviews it and may ask for more evidence if necessary. The processing time depends on the USCIS workload and the preference category. If approved, the case moves to the National Visa Center or the relevant U.S. embassy or consulate for further processing.

Waivers And Exceptions

Waivers are crucial when sponsoring immediate relatives for immigration benefits. Meeting legal requirements and inadmissibility grounds can be challenging due to specific circumstances. 

A waiver allows applicants to seek forgiveness for certain rejection grounds. It includes immigration violations, criminal records, or health issues. Immediate relatives can apply for a waiver if found unauthorized, enabling them to become eligible for an immigrant visa. 

To obtain this file, strong evidence of extreme hardship to the U.S. citizen spouse or parent must be presented.  It must show that denial of the waiver would cause significant difficulties.  

Exceptions on the other hand are specific situations where certain requirements can be completely waived. For instance, if a sponsor cannot meet the income threshold, the requirement may be waived if they have substantial assets or a joint sponsor.

Navigating these documentation processes can be complex, as each case is unique. Immigration lawyers can provide valuable guidance in helping applicants understand their options. They assist to build a strong case for a waiver or exception. With their knowledge, the chances of a successful immigration journey for immediate relatives are greatly improved.


Family-based immigration involves filing Form I-130 to sponsor eligible relatives, with immediate memes having priority and unlimited visas. Preference categories, like unmarried adult children, have numerical limits. Lincoln Goldfinch Law assists in the process, ensuring a smooth journey for families seeking to reunite in the U.S. Visit

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If you are looking for an immigration law firm to help you with your legal needs, it is essential to do your research first. Not all firms are the same, and not all firms will be a good fit for your specific case. 

This blog post will outline the qualities of an excellent immigration law firm. Knowing what to look for ensures that you choose the right firm to represent you in all immigration-related matters!

The U.S. Immigration System 

The U.S. immigration system is complicated to navigate, and policies may change at any time without notice. Likewise, the number of visas awarded may also vary with the current administration. For example, The Trump administration drastically reduced the number of refugees admitted into the United States.

Qualities To Look For When Hiring An Immigration Law Firm 

When hiring an immigration law firm to represent you, it is essential to do your research. Here are the qualities you must look for when hiring a law firm. 

Updated With Current Immigration Laws And Policies

Given the fluidity and complexity of immigration law, it is essential to have an immigration law firm that is up-to-date with all the latest changes. An excellent immigration law firm will keep abreast of any new policies or changes in immigration law so they can adequately advise their clients. 

Focuses On Immigration Law

When looking for an immigration law firm, choosing one that specializes in or focuses on immigration law is best. This way, you can be sure they have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you with your case. The Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm is a law firm that focuses on immigration and bankruptcy law.

Has A Team Of Experienced Lawyers 

It is essential to have a team of experienced immigration lawyers on your side. The immigration process can be long and complicated, so you will want a law firm with a group of experts who can help you through every step. 

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm has a team of immigration attorneys with years of experience assisting clients with their immigration needs. This law firm also implements a team approach when handling cases which means that if you hire them, you will be working with a team of immigration lawyers, paralegals, and support staff. 

Has A Good Reputation

When looking for an immigration law firm, you will want to find one with a good reputation. You can read online reviews or ask friends and family if they know of any reputable firms in your area. 

The Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm has a great reputation and is known for its excellent customer service. This firm also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received numerous awards from immigration law organizations.

Offers A Free Consultation

When looking for an immigration law firm, find one that offers a free consultation. This opportunity is a great way to get to know the lawyers and staff at the firm and see if they are a good fit for you. 

The Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm offers a free initial consultation so that prospective clients can learn more about the firm and what it can do for them. 

Has Affordable Fees

The cost of hiring an immigration law firm will vary depending on the services you need and the complexity of your case. However, you will want to find a firm that has affordable fees. The Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm has competitive rates and offers a variety of payment options to make our services more affordable for our clients.

Communicates Effectively

When hiring an immigration law firm, you want to find one that communicates effectively. This quality is essential to keep up-to-date with the status of your case. Also, you can ask any questions about issues that may not be clear to you. 

The Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm prides itself on its excellent communication with clients. This law firm also has bilingual staff members who can communicate with clients in Spanish. They understand how important it is to keep our clients informed and will always take the time to answer your questions. 

Has A Positive Attitude

When going through the immigration process, it is essential to have a law firm with a positive attitude. This quality will help to keep you motivated and hopeful during what can be a stressful time. 

The staff at the Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm is known for its positive attitude and dedication to helping clients achieve their immigration goals.

These are qualities you should look for when hiring an immigration law firm. 

Hiring an excellent immigration law firm is essential to ensure you have the best chance of success in your immigration case. When looking for an immigration law firm, keep these qualities in mind. 

And if you require an immigration law firm, contact the Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm today. They would be happy to help you with all of your immigration issues.

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If you are new to the city, you're probably drawn to Austin, TX, because of its live music, breakfast tacos, and sunny weather. And an ideal place to live and a great city to visit!

Moreover, it is renowned for one of its most widely known slogans, "Keep Austin Weird." Below are some exhilarating and fun facts about Austin, TX, that you probably do not know.


Violet Crown City

The slogan "Keep Austin Weird" and "Live Music Capital of the World" are well-known nicknames. However, Austin has a different moniker that signifies this one: "Violet Crown City." The city got its name from the stunning purple sunsets. Think of Austin's "Violet Crown City" the next time you witness and see the purple scenery at sunset. 


Austin was initially known as "Waterloo." That's right, the city of Waterloo was renamed in 1839. It was after the Republic's congress changed to honor one of the city's founding fathers, Stephen F. Austin. 

First Pro Sports Team

The weirdest town in Texas gets its first professional soccer sports team after so long. And you might ask, why not football, basketball, or a good baseball team? Because those are average American sports, and they aren't typical American cities. Though soccer is one of the least-watched sports in the U.S., locals were still ecstatic that Austin, TX, now has an MLS and professional team. 

Oldest Swimming Pool 

Deep Eddy Pool was constructed in 1915 as a resort swimming pool. The bathhouse was designed and built during the Great Depression Era. It was destroyed by a flood but renovated in 1936 and is still open to the public. 

Meanwhile, the Barton Springs pool is the country's largest natural swimming pool. It covers 3 acres and is entirely replete with natural springs.

Largest Urban Bat Colony

Under the Congress Avenue Bridge in downtown Austin, TX, North America's largest urban bat colony can be found, with one and a half million bats living. If you haven't been there yet, see it for yourself to witness the bats emerge every night! 

The bridge was redeveloped in 1980 and unintentionally designed in a pattern ideal for housing Mexican Free-Tailed Bats. From March to October, these tiny creatures live inside the bridge. And fly across the city at sunset to consume up to 30,000 pounds of insects.

Barton Spring Salamander

Eurycea sosorum, also known as the Barton Springs salamander, can be found only in the Edwards Aquifer Barton Springs area. Unlike most salamanders, this endangered species retains its gills throughout adult life. This salamander is one of the few that spends its entire life in water. 

Eeyore's Birthday

Eeyore's Birthday Party is an annual day-long festival held in Austin, TX, since 1963. This annual celebration allows the community to try to support non-profit organizations. It's free to attend, and there will be plenty of food and beverages. 

It is usually held on the last Saturday of April in Pease District Park in Austin. This festival attracts partygoers who are primarily interested in music.

Moonlight Towers

Moonlight Towers are still in operation in Austin, Texas. These towers, which stand 165 feet tall on top of a 15' foundation, house six carbon arc lamps illuminating a 1,500-foot-radius circle luminous enough to read a watch.

In 1894, the city bought 31 used moonlight towers from Detroit, which continue to light up the sky today. The city spent.3 million in 1993 to replace bolts and electrical cables in the towers, hoping they would last another 100 years. The towers can be seen in the film Dazed and Confused scene.

Austin is unique to any other community in Texas, if not the globe. Something remarkable is constantly happening for visitors and locals in this world-class city for the quirky and adventurous. Tourists are drawn to Austin because of its music events, delicious food, and sunny weather. It's a fantastic place to live and a great city to visit that offers a tiny bit of just about everything.

Simplify your immigration process with Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, Austin's choice for dedicated immigration attorneys and legal support. Visit the website.

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Immigrating to the United States is a dream for many people worldwide. However, the process can be complex and challenging, and there is always a chance of being denied a visa. Knowing there is still hope is essential if you find yourself in this situation. This article will discuss how to appeal a rejected visa application and provide valuable information to help you navigate the appeals process.

Understanding The Reasons For Denial

Before appealing a denied visa application, it is crucial to understand why your application was rejected. Common reasons include a criminal record, previous immigration violations, insufficient documentation, or the inability to prove ties to your home country. Consulting with an experienced immigration attorney in Texas can help you understand why your visa is denied. They can also help you determine the best course of action.

Filing An Appeal

If your visa application has been denied, you can file an appeal. You can submit Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion, to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) within the designated timeframe. This form should include why you believe the decision to deny your visa was incorrect and any additional evidence supporting your case. It is essential to consult with an immigration attorney in Texas before submitting your appeal. An attorney will ensure that all necessary documentation is included.

Attending A Hearing

Once you file the appeal, the USCIS will schedule a hearing to present your case before an immigration officer. This hearing is an opportunity to provide evidence and argue your case before an immigration officer. It is essential to prepare thoroughly for this hearing. You can review the reasons for your denial, gather additional evidence, and consult with an immigration attorney. Your attorney can prepare you by coaching you on what to do during the hearing.

Appealing To The Board Of Immigration Appeals

If the immigration officer denies your appeal, you can file an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). You must complete your filing within 30 days of the decision by the immigration officer. The BIA will review your case and decide based on the evidence presented during your hearing. If the BIA denies your appeal, you can appeal to the federal court system.

Consulting With An Immigration Attorney

Navigating the appeals process for a denied visa application can be complicated and overwhelming. Consulting with an experienced immigration attorney in Texas can help ensure you have the best chance of success in your appeal. Your attorney can review your case, determine the reasons for your visa denial, and help you develop a strategy for your appeal. Your attorney can also represent you at your hearing and help you navigate the legal system if your appeal is rejected.

How Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Can Help

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is a reputable immigration law firm in Texas that helps individuals and families navigate the complex immigration process. Their team of experienced immigration attorneys provides personalized legal services to clients. These services include assistance with visa applications, appeals, and other immigration-related issues. They are committed to helping their clients achieve their immigration goals and understand the challenges that immigrants face in the United States. With their experience and legal guidance, Lincoln-Goldfinch Law helps clients overcome legal hurdles and achieve their dreams of living and working in the US.


If your visa application has been denied, do not give up hope. You can appeal the decision and continue pursuing your dreams of living and working in the United States. However, it is essential to understand the reasons for your denial, file an appeal, and consult with an experienced immigration attorney in Texas. With the right strategy and legal representation, you can increase your chances of success in immigrating to the United States.

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With a U.S. immigrant visa, a person can stay in the United States for good. It lets you live, work, study, or do anything else you want in the United States.

When you get an immigrant visa, you don't have to renew it or make it last longer. It is suitable for life unless you do something illegal in the US and get your immigrant visa taken away. The immigrant visa doesn't force you to stay in the US, but as long as you have a valid Re-entry Permit, you can go in and out of the US whenever you want and not risk having your visa taken away or canceled.

Also, if you live in the US for a certain amount of time without breaking any laws, you can apply for citizenship. If your application is accepted, you will become a citizen of the United States.

What Are The Types Of US Immigrant Visas?

Depending on how you get a permanent visa, they can fall into different categories. There are two main kinds of visas for immigrants:

  • Sponsored by immediate relatives and family.

  • Sponsored by an employer.

With an Immediate Relative visa or a Family immigrant visa, you can move to the US to live with your close family members who already live there. This could be your parents, your fiancé, or your partner. You can get one of these immigrant visas if you have family in the US or getting engaged or married to a US citizen.

US Spouse Visas

The first type is visas for getting married in the US. People legally married to US citizens can get one of these visas. Living together does not make you married, so you must show documents to prove you are married. There are two kinds of visas for spouses.

Conditional Resident Visa. This means you are married and will have a conditional status for two years. This is done to stop people from getting married just to get permanent residency in the US.

Immediate Relative Visa. If you have been married for two years, you will get permanent status without the conditions of the Conditional Resident visa.

US Fiancé Visa

A person who is engaged to an American citizen and wants to visit the US for 90 days can get a K1 visa. During those 90 days, the couple should be married so that they can start the process of getting a spouse visa by filing a petition.

To get a K1 visa, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Get married to an American citizen.

  • Have plans to get married within 90 days of coming to the US.

  • Have proof that you're together before you get engaged.

  • While you are in the US on a K1 visa, you can get married according to US law.

At least once in the last two years, you and the US citizen must have met in person.

You can get around this rule if you can show that the US citizen had to go through a lot of trouble to visit the foreign citizen's fiancé. Culture, customs, or other things can be used as proof of extreme hardship.

Any marriages you or your partner have been in before are legally over.

Employer-Sponsored Visa

Work visas allow foreign workers to stay in the United States for a specified period, usually three years or less. The employee must have an employer who sponsors them and an immigration status that allows them to work legally in the United States. The company must also apply for the visa on behalf of its employee.

If you're unsure what visa suits you, contact an immigration attorney in Austin who can help guide you through the process.

Apply For An Immigrant Visa

Getting an immigrant visa can be confusing, especially if this is your first time applying for one. This article is created to guide and help you understand how the process works. 

In Austin, many immigration attorneys work with visas for their clients. You'll want to look for an immigration attorney in Austin who has experience with the type of visa you need, as well as someone who has a good reputation within the community and can answer all of your questions.

Don't hesitate to contact an immigration attorney in Austin for advice on how to proceed. Lawyers from Lincoln-Goldfinch Law will be able to walk you through the process of applying for an immigrant visa. They are capable of helping clients get immigrant visas, whether they're sponsored by their family, immediate relatives, or sponsored by their employer. 

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Hay diferentes tipos de visas disponibles para quienes desean ingresar a los Estados Unidos. Un abogado de visas ayuda al solicitante durante todo el proceso de inmigración. Las visas pueden ser temporales/de no inmigrante (período de tiempo limitado) o visas permanentes. Este artículo discutirá los beneficios de las visas temporales o de no inmigrante.

Visas de Visitante

Las visas de visitante pueden ser obtenidas por aquellos que deseen quedarse, trabajar o visitar los Estados Unidos por un tiempo limitado. Esto puede clasificarse en dos categorías: visas de negocios y visas de turista.

B1 o Visa de Negocios

Las visas de negocios o visas B1 pueden ser obtenidas por extranjeros que deseen entrar en los Estados Unidos con fines comerciales. Sin embargo, la solicitud de visas de negocios varía según la embajada de los Estados Unidos. El solicitante que desee aplicar debe completar el formulario de solicitud de visa o el formulario D-160 disponible en línea en el sitio web del Centro de Solicitud Electrónica Consular del Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos. El solicitante deberá proporcionar una foto reciente, prueba de pago de la tarifa de procesamiento de visa (actualmente $160), y un horario para una entrevista.

Se pueden necesitar documentos de respaldo como itinerario y propósito de la visita al momento de la solicitud. Otros documentos de respaldo como un pasaporte válido, detalles de cuentas de redes sociales, prueba de capacidad financiera, garantías, prueba de empleo, y fotos prescritas también pueden ser necesarios. Todos estos documentos deberán ser preparados antes de la entrevista programada, y el solicitante debe practicar la honestidad durante la entrevista.

El proceso completo puede tomar desde semanas hasta meses dependiendo del país y la embajada donde el solicitante haya aplicado. Una vez que se le concede una Visa de Negocios, el solicitante puede utilizarla por hasta seis meses. Se pueden otorgar visas de extensión si el solicitante necesita completar su negocio en los EE. UU.

B2 o Visa de Turista

Por otro lado, las visas de turista o visas B2 pueden ser solicitadas por aquellos que visiten por recreación, tratamiento médico, inscripción en cursos cortos, y asistencia a reuniones sociales. El solicitante debe presentar requisitos adicionales como una carta de un médico, expedientes académicos y un diploma, y una invitación debe ser presentada junto con los requisitos necesarios para la aplicación. Los requisitos para las visas B2 son los mismos que los de las visas B1.

Visas de Empleo

Hay diferentes clasificaciones de visas basadas en el empleo para no inmigrantes (visas de empleo H, L, O, P, R) que pueden ser obtenidas por un solicitante que desee trabajar en los EE. UU., y el empleador debe tener la aprobación del gobierno de los EE. UU. para su petición. Si un medio internacional desea cubrir noticias o eventos en los EE. UU., pueden solicitar visas I ya que son representantes de medios extranjeros. Estas clasificaciones atienden a diferentes profesiones a las que el solicitante puede elegir aplicar. Deportes, religión, artes, agricultura, no agricultura, entrenamiento y campos académicos específicos son algunas de las diferentes clasificaciones de visas de empleo.

Aquellos que provienen de México y Canadá pueden solicitar visas de no inmigrante que están bajo el Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN). Sin embargo, solo hay ciertas profesiones que califican bajo TLCAN como ingenieros, maestros, abogados, científicos, etc. También pueden estar sujetos a diferentes requisitos y procesos.

Se sugiere que los solicitantes deben ir a su respectiva embajada de EE. UU. para conocer más sobre el proceso de solicitud de Visa de Trabajo ya que hay una amplia variedad de visas temporales. También pueden ser guiados por un funcionario del consulado sobre qué visa es la mejor para ellos.


Las visas temporales pueden proporcionar a un posible inmigrante la experiencia de los Estados Unidos. Trabajar en los EE. UU. con la esperanza de una vida mejor o simplemente querer estar expuesto a una cultura diferente nunca debería ser un problema. Sin embargo, la solicitud de visa puede ser un gran problema, incluso si no debería serlo. Se sugiere que se contrate a un buen abogado de visas y/o abogado de inmigración si un solicitante desea aplicar.

Pueden proporcionar el mejor consejo sobre qué documentos preparar, comunicarse con su empleador, prevenir estafas de empleadores sospechosos y asegurarse de que cada proceso sea correcto. La firma de Abogados Lincoln-Golfinch puede disminuir la carga en las solicitudes de visa de trabajo o turista. Más información aquí.

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As immigration to major cities has been a significant factor in the huge rise of various population areas, immigration lawyers are observing a significant increase in the number of immigrants entering the United States.

Immigration can offer significant economic benefits such as a more stable labor market, expanded educational opportunities, and greater cultural diversity. However, immigration is a divisive issue. Immigration is said to potentially cause significant problems like inflation, traffic jams, and an overuse of public resources. 

Some immigration supporters, on the other hand, argue that the benefits of immigration far outweigh any disadvantages. Regardless of the arguments, immigration is a hot topic among Americans, with immigration legislation currently being debated in Congress, the courts, and the private sector.

The Economic Advantages And Disadvantages Of Immigration

Immigration can have a positive or negative impact on the economy in a variety of ways. One of the most important consequences is its effect on wages. The labor market elasticity, or how much an immigrant's wages adjust relative to native-born salaries due to immigration, is important in the national economy. As more immigrants become economically competitive for jobs, the demand for low-wage workers will rise.

The supply of goods and services will increase as more local businesses hire immigrants. Wage increases should lower the unemployment rate, increase consumer spending, increase investment in infrastructure and small businesses, and boost tax revenues. 

Any of these benefits would have positive long-term effects on the economy.  In the long run, immigration lowers local economies' capital costs through increased productivity, higher wages, and more productive, innovative firms.

How Immigrants Benefit The Economy

Migrants also tend to settle in cities with high unemployment rates, creating environments unsuitable for established families. Areas that have seen a sharp drop in the number of people moving there from other parts of the country have seen dramatic growth in industries related to services and hospitality. These areas have become popular with migrants because they provide the following:

-Better employment opportunities.

-More job security.

-Fewer barriers to immigration.

-Easier access to the labor market for people who cannot adjust to life in an unfamiliar environment.

In some ways, local governments' social services play an important role in assisting migrants settling in areas like these.

Why Is It Necessary For An Immigration Lawyer To Assist Immigrants?

In conclusion, immigrants can benefit the economy. It comes down to the fact that when immigrant lawyers assist immigrants from foreign countries. The impact of immigration on the economy is undeniable, whether the focus is on employment, business, or public policies aimed at the country's direction. Find a skillful and reliable attorney at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Firm in Austin, TX.

Indeed, the economic literature on immigration emphasizes the positive effects of immigration, particularly in the United States that receive them. Population growth, net tourist inflows, and the expansion of local economies have resulted in a net inflow of resources to support the economy.

​Overall, the influx of illegal immigrants has increased the diversity and diversity of the United States. It's not just about the economy but also about the local demographics. Migrants are less likely to have limited skills and abilities, making them more likely to seek new opportunities and markets, propelling the economy forward. 

The fact that immigrants live in multiple countries is a good thing. It increases the stability of the United States. It benefits both people when a country allows more people to live there because it fosters diversity. 

The other side of this argument is that immigrants make more money than native-born people. Valid points considered from both sides, US immigration as a whole has both beneficial and adverse effects on the local economy and population. That is the reason why the US Government imposes strict measures as a safeguard.  

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Don't be discouraged by the complexities of immigration laws and policy if you're one of those who want to make their dreams into reality. Asking service from a lawyer for immigration cases in Austin, TX, can assist you with this matter. 

Even if you obtained a green card through a family-based visa or employment, you should know that lawful permanent residence (LPR) is not as permanent as the title implies. On the contrary, you can remain in the country indefinitely as a naturalized citizen. At the same time, you can enjoy all of the civil rights and privileges associated with citizenship in the U. S. democracy.

So the question is, "What is naturalization?" and "How can we apply for citizenship in the United States?" Read on to find out.. It will go over the most frequently asked questions about this particular topic.


What Are Citizenship And Naturalization?

When you are born in the U.S., you instantly become a citizen of the United States. It is sometimes called "birthright citizenship," but American citizenship is a life's dream for many foreign nationals. 

Naturalization is the procedure by which a foreigner is granted U.S. citizenship after meeting the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Before applying for naturalization, you must typically have five years of legal permanent residence in the United States.

Ways for Obtaining Citizenship

There are several ways to obtain citizenship, and knowing whether any of them may apply to you is essential. These include naturalization, marriage, military service, or parental rights. 


Naturalization is a process in the United States that allows foreign-born people to become citizens. It's the most common way for them to obtain naturalization. 


After three years, permanent residents married to U.S. citizens may apply for citizenship under U.S. immigration law. They can apply for naturalization by submitting Form N-400.

Military Service

You can serve in the U.S. if you are a lawful permanent resident. There are various ways to obtain citizenship, including the Armed Forces. Moreover,  Sections 329 and 328 of the INA allow U.S. service members to become citizens.

Through Parents

If either parent is a citizen by birth or application, their children can also become citizens, provided they meet the requirements. When these children marry and have children, the third generation could also become U.S. citizens at birth due to the automatic acquisition of citizenship.

If you plan on obtaining your citizenship and need help figuring out which category suits your situation, consult a lawyer for immigration. A knowledgeable lawyer can guide you through the entire process of citizenship and immigration matters. 


Applying For Citizenship In Austin, TX

When you become a citizen, you can vote and assist family members in immigrating to the United States. However, the individual must be a Legal Permanent Resident to begin becoming a citizen. It doesn't matter how one obtains their Green Card; however, without it, one cannot apply for citizenship. 

The applicant must meet the following requirements if they already have a Green Card:

-At least five years as a legal permanent resident, three years if married.

-Must be at least 18 years old.

-Continuous residency in the U.S. for five years.

-Before applying, you must have lived in the United States Customs and Immigration Services District for at least three months.

-Establish that you have a "Good Moral Character."


Many people travel to the United States to pursue their dreams and goals in life, including obtaining U.S. citizenship. However, naturalization is a time-consuming and sometimes complicated process. To become a U.S. citizen, you must meet the eligibility requirements, complete all necessary paperwork, and pass a test. 

Furthermore, depending on your situation, there are different ways to obtain citizenship. With that, a lawyer for immigration can guide you in achieving your goals regardless of what method you believe applies to you. Lawyer for immigration at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law understands how difficult it can be to become a citizen in the United States.  

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La inmigración es la transferencia intencional de una persona a un país diferente. Hay muchas razones por las que los individuos emigran, como empleo, educación, reunión familiar o cualquier otra razón. Siempre que sucede, tiene efectos positivos y negativos en la tierra a la que migran.

Si usted tiene la intención de inmigrar, debe seguir las leyes de inmigración. Quizás pueda comprender cómo solicitar una visa de inmigrante y cambiar o eliminar su estatus. Además, debe estar al tanto de las leyes de penalización de inmigración.

Afortunadamente, numerosas organizaciones brindan servicios que podrían ayudarlo. Considere comunicarse con una agencia para encontrar al abogado de inmigración adecuado que lo asista en su proceso de inmigración.

El titular de la tarjeta verde tiene casi todos los derechos que un ciudadano estadounidense tiene, y puede conservar su ciudadanía existente. Tiene el privilegio de vivir y trabajar en cualquier estado de los Estados Unidos y viajar libremente por todo el país.

Los estudiantes con tarjetas verdes pueden solicitar préstamos estudiantiles federales, y las tarifas de matrícula universitaria suelen ser más bajas para los titulares de tarjetas verdes que para los extranjeros que estudian en los Estados Unidos.

Los inversionistas empresariales también pueden solicitar la residencia permanente en los Estados Unidos, lo que les permite establecerse y aprovechar las oportunidades comerciales. Debido a que el dólar estadounidense es una de las monedas más estables a nivel mundial, muchas empresas estadounidenses prosperan en comparación con empresas similares en otros países.

Si obtiene una visa de inmigración estadounidense, puede solicitar una visa para que su cónyuge e hijos se unan a usted en los Estados Unidos, lo que permite que toda su familia resida y se beneficie de vivir en los Estados Unidos. 

Historia De La Inmigración

La historia de la inmigración a los EE. UU. registra la progresión de muchas personas a este país. Es desde la época colonial hasta el presente.

La historia de la inmigración es intrigante porque demuestra cómo interactúan las instituciones y las leyes. Por ejemplo, dependiendo de las reglas del país, un individuo puede inmigrar a otro país sin seguir las leyes estatales.

Por otro lado, ciertos estados no aceptan algunos tipos de inmigrantes, incluidos los de California del Sur. Como resultado, antes de planificar si debe o no solicitar inmigración, es esencial investigar las leyes tanto de su estado de origen como del país al que tiene la intención de quedarse o visitar.

La inmigración ha influido significativamente en la historia, con muchas de las mentes más brillantes provenientes de inmigrantes. Intelectuales como Einstein, Thomas Jefferson y Dickens, Rumi son ejemplos de personas prominentes.

Los Efectos De La Inmigración

Puede haber múltiples razones para la inmigración. Varias personas viajan a otro país para trabajar como trabajadores extranjeros o inmigrantes. Además, otros desearían solicitar residencia permanente en un país extranjero para convertirse en residentes permanentes legales.

Cuando más personas se trasladan a un país, la demanda de bienes y servicios aumenta, lo que resulta en la contratación de más trabajadores y fabricantes, una de las razones por las que las áreas metropolitanas se vuelven más congestionadas y aumenta el número de empleos y negocios posibles.

Además, contribuye a la población total y a la economía de un país. La inmigración significa la cantidad de inmigrantes que se trasladan a otro país por negocios, estudio o trabajo. La migración también es importante debido a las ventajas económicas que los inmigrantes aportan al país.

Si los inmigrantes tienen más probabilidades de estar equipados con conocimientos y habilidades, tienen un impacto económico significativo. Los inmigrantes cualificados pueden contribuir significativamente a la economía a través de numerosas inversiones y negocios.

Sin embargo, la inmigración tiene muchas consecuencias significativas para el país porque no todos los inmigrantes tienen efectos tan positivos. Como resultado, los inmigrantes deben ser seleccionados cuidadosamente en función de su contribución económica. Además, cómo se adaptarán a la cultura y vecindarios de la nación.

Trabajando con un Abogado de Inmigración

La inmigración es el proceso de establecer la residencia permanente de un individuo en un nuevo país. Sin embargo, la inmigración no simplemente implica trasladarse a otro país. También implica obtener la naturalización o convertirse en residente permanente.

Según las circunstancias individuales, un abogado de inmigración puede ayudar a una persona a tomar la decisión más adecuada. Si tiene la intención de mudarse a otro país, siempre debe buscar el consejo de un abogado calificado de Lincoln-Golfinch Law Firm. Más información haciendo click aquí.

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A top-rated attorney can help you ensure that your assets are protected during bankruptcy proceedings. Hiring a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is a big decision, but it can save you time and stress in the long run.

What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy that is available to businesses and individuals. It is also known as liquidation bankruptcy because it involves liquidating assets to pay off creditors.

The "means test" determines whether a debtor is eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy by calculating their average monthly income over the six months before filing and comparing it to the median income in their state of residence. The debtor can apply for Chapter 7 if their income is lower than the state median.

Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a trustee is appointed to oversee the case and administer the bankruptcy estate. The trustee will gather and liquidate the debtor's non-exempt assets to raise money to settle debts owed to creditors. Priority creditors are paid first, and most unsecured debts, like credit card debt, are wiped after the procedure.

Suppose you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and you must work with a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. This attorney will help you navigate the process and ensure that your paperwork is filed correctly. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney

When struggling with a large debt, they may be considering filing for bankruptcy and likely have many questions. Choosing to hire legal counsel is among the most crucial decisions. There are many benefits of hiring a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

An experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can help you determine if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you, ensure that all needed documents are filed correctly and help you navigate the complex bankruptcy process. They can also assist you in learning the bankruptcy code, including your rights and responsibilities. Additionally, a bankruptcy attorney can negotiate with creditors on your behalf to help you protect your assets and maximize your chances of success in obtaining a discharge of your debts.

It is crucial to speak with a competent bankruptcy lawyer if you're thinking about filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy to go over your alternatives and decide which Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is right for you. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law firm has a team of experienced bankruptcy lawyers who will guide you through the process and ensure your assets are protected.

Overall, hiring a bankruptcy attorney can give you peace of mind during what is sure to be a difficult time. Learn more here.

How Much Does A Bankruptcy Lawyer Cost?

You might be curious about the expense of hiring an attorney if you're considering filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, the cost of a lawyer can vary depending on the situation. For instance, if you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the cost of an attorney may be different than if you were filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

In some cases, attorneys may charge a flat fee. However, the exact amount you'll pay will depend on several factors, including the complexity of your case, the amount of work that needs to be done and the number of creditors you have. If you have a more complex case, such as a business bankruptcy, you can expect to pay more. 

Some attorneys charge a flat fee for their services, while others charge an hourly rate. In any scenario, inquire upfront about all charges and costs to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition, an experienced attorney can help filers prevent making mistakes that could jeopardize their case or result in additional fees.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a difficult decision, but Lincoln-Goldfinch Law firm has a number of experienced attorneys who can help guide you through the process and ensure that you are making the best decision for your financial future.

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