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How change in population structure is affecting countries

Population is one of the most—if not the only—important factors that drives economic growth. The most well-known example is China, which has grown to be the second largest economy in the word since it has opened up its economy in the 1970s. A large population is a powerful asset in any economy as it can create economic demands by consuming goods and alluring investment, while providing cheap labor inputs necessary for economic development.To get more news about trendsmacro, you can visit official website.

However, equally important aspect of population to consider is its structure, not just its sheer number. A disproportionately large portion of aging, old population puts great financial burdens on the young generation as they spend more than earn, thereby dragging down the economy.

Let’s have a look at how the proportion of young population (0 to 14), working population (15 to 64) and old population (65 and above) to the total population in some of countries in the world has changed from the 2000s to 2018.
Notes: (1) Total population between the ages 0 to 14, 15 to 64, and 65 and above as a percentage of the total population.

(2) Population is based on the de facto definition of population, which counts all residents regardless of legal status or citizenship.
Based on this data, which country seems favorable? My take is that India and Vietnam seem to be on the bright side (they have very high ratio of young and working people), whereas most of the developed countries seem to be on their path to become old. Another salient phenomenon is how fast East Asian countries are aging (Spearheaded by Japan, and followed by China and South Korea).

Another important indicator to consider is birth rate. The birth rate of 2.1 children per woman is considered the rate at which a country can sustain its current population. This makes sense as two children would be needed to support their parents in a household while the extra 0.1 would account for the fact that some people die prematurely because of disease, accidents etc.

(1) Total fertility rate represents the number of children that would be born to a woman if she were to live to the end of her childbearing years and bear children in accordance with age-specific fertility rates of the specified year.

On the contrary to common conception, birth rate has not changed greatly and rather decreased from 2000 to 2017. But some of the biggest drops come from countries like India, South Korea, Singapore and United States. It is notable that most of the countries are also below the natural rate of 2.1.

Among developed countries, France has the highest birth rate standing at 1.92 thanks to various government policies and high number of immigrants. This would imply that France has the potential to maintain its current population size, unlike most of its counterparts which may face the prospect of shrinking population.

One last interesting but most well-known ageing country is Japan, where population of ages 65 and above increased from 17% in 2000 to 27.6% in 2018 and the equivalent number decreased in working age population. This population change not only shows an obvious growing industry in elderly care and hospitals, but also presents other business implications and risks.

Top 5 Benefits Of Film Faced Plywood In China

Plywood is a versatile material. In modern world, plywood is used in many industries. Furniture industry, construction industry, packing industry, and many other popular industries are using plywood. To get more news about film faced plywood, you can visit official website.

1) Versatile Usages

Film faced plywood is truly versatile. It can be used as an outdoor material. Apart from that, film faced plywood is also good as an indoor material. You can use it in the construction industry. Moreover, you can also use it to build furniture.

2) Perfect For Construction Company Usages

The construction industry loves cheap and light materials. Film faced plywood has a coating on it. Hence, it can tolerate heavy outdoor usages. Construction companies often use this plywood for various purposes. This plywood is strong. So, it can be used again and again.

3) Durable

Film faced plywood is durable. It has a special coating on it to resist weather and fungus. It can also withstand chemicals. Hence, it lasts long.

4) Easy To Clean

The film on this plywood makes it smooth. As a result, it becomes hard for any material to stick to it. Moreover, the smooth surface of this plywood is truly easy to clean. You don't have to spend long hours to clean it.

5) Water-Resistant
Film faced plywood is made for the outdoor usages. That's why it's water-resistant. Water and outside weather can't harm this ply easily. So, it lasts for years.
Why Should You Choose 'Eway Wood' Company In China?
'Eway Wood' is the best Film faced plywood manufacturer in China. They process and manufacture only the highest grade plywood. Hence, you can rely on them completely.

1) Supreme Quality

Eway Wood company selects A-grade woods to make their ply. So, their plywood is truly tough. It can tolerate pressure and outside weather. Their 'Film faced' ply doesn't face corrosion easily.

For instance - Their Birch plywood is strictly made from Russian birch wood. Hence, you can buy 'Eway' plywood blindly.

2) Different Types of Products

'Eway Wood' produces almost 13 types of plywood products. You can have commercial plywood, fancy plywood, birch plywood, veneer plywood, film faced plywood, MDF board, Block board, HDF board, Particle board, and much more.

You can choose from all these plywood. In this way, you can save your time and money.

3) Excellent Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is the key factor behind any plywood production. In the 'Eway Wood' company, they follow several steps to produce plywood. Raw wood passes through almost 30 stages. Then, plywood is made. As a result, their plywood lasts long.
Moreover, they always use safe glues to produce plywood. So, their plywood is environment-friendly. For Instance - The film on their film faced plywood is of the highest quality. Hence, this plywood can be used in all types of industries.

4) Affordable
If you are looking for the highest quality plywood at the cheapest rate, then you must visit 'Eway Wood' company website. They take their customers seriously. Hence, they try to satisfy their customers. Here, you can find great quality plywood at an affordable rate. So, you shouldn't miss this chance.
5) Vast Experience

This is not a new company. They have been in this business since 2010. Hence, they know the perfect process of making plywood. If you trust them, you won't be disappointed.

Smart Homes and the Promise of Safety

Amazon has filed new patents that would enable its Ring doorbell-camera hybrid to identify and categorize people by their "faces, retinas, irises, skin texture, gait, voices, and even odor" according to reporting by Insider. On the one hand, this further opens the door to harassment and the creation of an even more widespread civil surveillance network due to Amazon's policy of letting users of their Neighbors app disseminate recorded footage to police and security firms without scrutiny. On the other hand, these patents, if put into commission and correctly monitored, might improve home security, at least for smart home evangelists. The demand for more security in smart homes seems to be there already, as our chart with data from our Statista Digital Market Outlook shows.To get more news about safe lock, you can visit official website.

While household penetration for the aforementioned products and motion detectors has been as low as 0.2 percent in 2017, modeling by Statista research experts predicts extensive growth in the coming years. By 2023, approximately 4.3 percent of households worldwide might have a smart security camera installed, and roughly 3.2 percent of households might utilize smart locks with IoT functionality. The growth predictions from 2023 to 2026 are even higher: In security cameras, Statista researchers predict a jump in penetration rate of 2.8 percent, while smart lock implementation is expected to rise by 2.2 percent in this timeframe. The sore loser in this equation: Motion detectors, which are predicted to be installed in 1.7 percent of households in 2026 after a total growth of 1.5 percent since 2017.

In 2020, revenue with smart home security products was predicted to hit more than $8.5 billion in the U.S., China, Japan, South Korea and the UK combined, which would amount to about 20 percent of the predicted $44 billion total worldwide revenue with smart home devices in 2020 proposed Strategy Analytics.

Which smart safes are best?
A safe with a mechanical lock is useful, but a smart safe allows for biometric security and more convenient access methods. If you need a safe you can more easily access or that is more secure, a smart safe could be the solution for storing your valuables.To get more news about smart home accessories, you can visit official website.

If you need a smart safe for home or business storage, the top choice is the Verifi Smart Safe. The internal system alerts tell users when the safe has been tampered with, so it allows for proactive security rather than just keeping out unauthorized users.
Depending on the size of the objects you need to store, smart safes can vary greatly in terms of pricing. For small documents, jewelry, money or handguns, you do not need much cubic space, which will save you money. Storage of large hunting rifles or sizable and expensive equipment is costly if you opt for a smart-safe locking method instead of simple mechanical locks with keys.

Some smart safes, while compact in design, are not meant for travel. There are options if you need a safe you can take and secure anywhere. If you plan to bring a safe onto an airplane in your travels, check that it meets TSA guidelines before you purchase anything. Firearms can be safely transported in safes as part of checked luggage; just ensure you follow proper procedure.

The best smart-safe battery lasts a long time before you need to charge or replace it. Ideally, the battery should last for years of operation. In the case of a loss of power, smart safes should have backup access methods. Usually, this involves a simple mechanical lock with a key to get inside. Be careful not to lose your backup method of access.

Top-quality smart safes are designed to hold up to an attempted break-in. A smart safe should be highly durable to prevent damage unrelated to theft and unauthorized access. Some safes have high-impact resistance and fireproofing.

Access methods
Biometric locks and keypad entry are popular options since you can input a simple code or use your fingerprint to get in, similar to a smartphone. Unlike a smartphone, the technology used for smart safe biometrics usually is more advanced to detect fingerprints more precisely. Some are able to tell the difference between living tissue and fake with their scanners.

How much you can expect to spend on a smart safe
You can purchase simple smart safes that are essentially padded box interiors for less than $500. Modular designs and larger safes can cost up to $1,000, and especially large safes used for storing rifles, for example, cost more.
What should you store in a smart safe?
A. Anything that is highly valuable to you is worth storing in a safe. Common objects to store in a safe include money, jewelry, firearms, passports and other important documents. Of course, you can store anything of great monetary value or personal importance. The only things you probably should not store in a safe are art pieces, photographs or funds you plan to view or access often.

Is a smart safe for home use?
A. Many safes are designed for personal and home use. There are companies that make smart-safe technology intended for businesses specifically, but there are plenty of smart-safe products designed for home storage. Depending on how frequently you need to access your stored valuables, there are different types of safes for household needs.

The Best Print-on-Demand Jewelry Dropshipping Companies

Are you looking for the best print-on-demand jewelry service? Though dropshipping and print-on-demand solutions are growing increasingly popular as a powerful business strategy, a lot of people still don’t understand the scope of what these services can offer. Print-on-demand companies can produce a huge range of products, including custom jewelry items.To get more news about print on demand jewelry suppliers, you can visit official website.

As with most print-on-demand products, the kind of custom jewelry items you can create will depend on the POD company you’re working with. Some will offer personalized engravings for bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, while others will add custom prints to vinyl or statement pieces.
1. Printful
Printful is one of the leading print-on-demand companies in the world today for a reason. The service provider is well-known for offering a huge range of products, ranging all the way from tote bags and phone cases, to socks and keychains. For print-on-demand jewelry requirements, Printful offers custom engraved jewelry for bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

You can choose from a range of attractive-looking jewelry products, including items in sterling silver, and allow customers to personalize the products on your store. There’s also the option to add your own special engravings to designs and sell them that way instead.

The cool thing about Printful Jewelry is, when paired with Shopify, you can add the mock-up generator within the system to your store, so people can actually see how their chosen design changes when they’re adding the text they want.
2. Printify
Printify is another excellent print-on-demand company, well-known for its versatile selection of products. As a vendor network, Printify sources and prints products from partners around the world. This means your options for design will depend on the provider you choose. Compared to some alternatives, Printify’s selection of jewelry and accessories is somewhat limited. You can design things like dog tags and pendants, using custom engraving.

Printify also offers things like watch band customization, and the option to create jewelry boxes using your own designs too. However, you won’t have the wide range of jewelry printing options you can get from other POD companies more focused on accessories.
3. Shop3D
Shop3D might not be as well-known as Printify and Printful, but it’s an excellent choice for jewelry print-on-demand requirements. The Shop3D company offers an extensive range of jewelry personalization options, so you can capture customer attention through 3D-printed designs.

Shop3D has its own dedicated Print on Demand app for Shopify, making it super easy to add print-on-demand jewelry functionality to your store. While most companies in the POD space offer engraving for customization, Shop3D is one of the market leaders in high-quality 3D printed jewelry, thanks to its state-of-the-art 3D printing machines.
4. Shineon
ShineOn is widely considered to be one of the most popular POD jewelry manufacturers available. The company creates and sells its own custom jewelry, while also giving other business leaders the opportunity to get in on the ground floor for extra profits.

Unlike most print-on-demand companies, ShineOn is one of the few to focus exclusively on jewelry and accessories. This means you can rest assured there’s going to be a wide range of products to choose from. Products include everything from custom keychains with engravings, to stunning silver and gold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
5. Beeoux
Beeoux is another well-known print on demand company focused specifically on jewelry. The popular service has integrations with leading ecommerce environments like Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Similar to other top POD ecommerce platforms, Beeoux has an extensive product catalog including everything from custom engraved products, to freeform sterling silver.

You can add all kinds of products to your Shopify store with Beeuox, including print-on-demand jewelry with full-color options, like watch bands and pendants. Although Beeuox primarily has fulfilment centers in the United States and Germany, the company can ship worldwide if you want to start selling to international customers.

St. George’s one-on-one evolution in fine jewelry design

Ten years ago, Oaks and his wife, Tricia, moved their family of seven from Vernal to St. George and brought their family business with them. Since then, both Seven Oaks Fine Jewelers and the Oaks family have been embraced by the community. To say thank you and celebrate the evolution of Seven Oaks, they’re hosting an open house Thursday at their new boutique on Bluff Street. To get more news about Website for Jewelery design and Jewelry custom, you can visit official website.

“People here have been really good to us, and we’re so grateful for that,” Shane Oaks said. “We hope that what we’re doing now is a small way to give something back to the people who’ve been so supportive.”

Just like their family of seven, the jewelry store has grown and changed over the years. Most recently, Seven Oaks moved from the Red Cliffs Mall into a new boutique with a new logo, and evolved from primarily a walk-in jewelry store to offering services by appointment only.

“Every person who meets with us deserves our undivided attention. We feel like we’ve always been good at that, but we wanted to make the experience truly one-on-one,” Oaks said. Oaks believes that fine jewelry, especially when it’s custom, is about celebrating a milestone or creating a memory.

“When we create a piece for someone, it always comes with a story,” he said. “Sometimes it’s purely a love story, and other times it’s a personal journey or marking 30 years of ups and downs together. We love what we do because we get to hear so many stories, and they’re all so unique.”

To do justice to those stories, Seven Oaks now asks customers to make an appointment before coming in. Whether it’s for an engagement ring consultation, jewelry repair, complimentary cleaning or watch battery replacement, appointments are scheduled online.
“When you come in off the street, you might find that the right person isn’t there to help you, or wait around to talk to someone who’s also trying to help two other people,” Oaks said. “When you make an appointment, we know you’re coming and what you need before you get here. That time is yours, and we can make it count.”

To Oaks, no matter the reason for the appointment, the evolution of his business model creates a special experience to fit the meaning behind the purchase. This is also why the store is now known as Seven Oaks Custom Diamond Boutique.

“Whatever someone’s story is, we want to honor it the right way, and that can only be done on a personal level,” he said. “People are often stunned at what’s possible and how we design things that capture how they feel. Nobody else has lived their life, so nobody else will be walking around with the same piece of jewelry. It’s an incredible feeling to create that for someone.”The public is invited to an open house between noon and 8 p.m. Thursday at Seven Oaks Custom Diamond Boutique, located at 555 S. Bluff St., Suite 303, in St. George. This time has been set aside for people to see their new boutique, enjoy some light refreshments and learn more about their by-appointment model and custom design.

8 lucky foods to eat on Lunar New Year’s Eve

One of the greatest joys of celebrating the new lunar year is the Lunar New Year feast on the eve of the holiday. In Chinese culture specifically, superstitions intertwine with food to bring about special dishes intended to bring good luck for the new year. Auspicious meanings are represented by a food’s appearance or pronunciation, and common homophones include words for prosperity, success, and family togetherness.To get more news about shanghai special dishes, you can visit shine news official website.

For me, Lunar New Year was my introduction into the world of food and its cultural significance. I remember as a child trying to follow the rules of the dinner table: make sure the elders sit first, getting the juiciest part of the pork belly is a sign of respect, and finish all of your food — grandma lived through the famine, you know! I soon realized that this holiday is as much about family gathering and delicious food as it is about shared tradition.

In China, the occasion is often the only time an entire family can be together at once, so being able to celebrate tradition is all the more important. While every region has different styles for preparing their feasts, here are eight of the most common dishes seen on the tables of celebrating families:
A whole fish is a staple for New Year celebrations in China, and is intended to welcome prosperity for the entire year. In Mandarin, the word for “surplus” (余, yú) is a homophone of “fish” (鱼, yú). There is also an idiom 年年有余 (níanníanyoǔyú), which means “to have surplus every year,” which gave rise to its homophonic pun, 年年有鱼, or “to have fish every year.” I wouldn’t mind the latter.

It’s customary to serve the fish with the head and tail intact and only eat the middle because of another expression: 有头有尾 (yǒutóuyǒuwěi), which literally means “to have both a head and a tail.” This means to be disciplined and finish everything that one starts. The remaining parts of the fish should be eaten the next day to symbolize that surplus will overflow into the future. For added luck, the fish should face guests or elders as a sign of respect.

My favorite way to eat this dish is the Cantonese style: A whole white fish (such as striped bass or flounder) is steamed with a mixture of ginger, scallion, soy sauce, sugar, and cilantro. As typical with Cantonese cooking, this dish requires fresh ingredients and very little intervention. A good steamed fish will be cooked through to the bone but will still be tender. And if you’re around the next day to finish the leftovers, I would strongly suggest going for the cheek, which is a small pocket of meat right below the eye — and by far the most tender and flavorful part. Yum.
Dumplings represent wealth because of their close appearance to Chinese gold ingots, which are oval, boat-shaped hunks of gold used as currency in imperial China. Families typically wrap their own dumplings and continue wrapping until midnight to signify leaving the old year behind. Some families will hide a coin in one of the dumplings, and whoever receives that dumpling is believed to have a prosperous year.

Dumpling filling can be made in an endless amount of ways (the renowned restaurant chain Din Tai Fung even has chocolate dumplings on their menu), but the most commonplace filling consists of pork, cabbage, and spring onion. Dumplings containing lamb, carrot, and spring onion are a popular option as well.
A whole chicken is usually served on to represent family togetherness. As chicken is high in protein, some believe that chicken during the new year also represents rebirth. Like the fish, the chicken should be served in its entirety, with the head and feet intact. In some households, the chicken’s feet are reserved for the breadwinners of the family to help them grasp onto wealth. Traditionally, families will also offer chicken to deceased ancestors for otherworldly blessings and protection.

Spring Rolls
Spring rolls, while a beloved side item to a General Tso’s lunch special, are also a traditional food of lunar new year. The name 春卷 (chūnjǔn) literally means spring and roll, and refers to the spring season. Originally, spring rolls were intended to combine all of the season’s freshest vegetables together in one dish as a way to celebrate spring. Now, it’s common to eat pan- or deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with pork or shrimp. Because of their resemblance to gold bars, people also eat spring rolls to attract good fortune for the coming year.

Like dumplings, spring roll filling can be made based on personal preference. Traditionally, they’re made from pork, cabbage, mushrooms, and carrots, though there are sweet versions that are filled with custard or red bean.
Exceptionally long noodles, called 长寿面 chángshòu miàn, represent a long, long life. It’s customary to slurp down the noodle without chewing so that the strands aren’t severed. Try not to choke if you decide to try this.

Glutinous rice cake (nian gao)
The star of the dessert spread is glutinous rice cake, or nián gāo (年糕), which translates literally as “New Year’s cake.” In another homophonic pun, the word for cake sounds like the word for “tall,” or “to grow,” so eating glutinous rice on Lunar New Year symbolizes growth, whether it be in career, income, health, or even height. A popular phrase that accompanies nian gao is 年年高升 (níanníangāoshēng), which means “to increase prosperity every year.” Originally, the dish was reserved for high deities and one’s ancestors, but it gradually made its way into the Lunar New Year feast.

13 Traditional Chinese Foods to Try Before You Die

Egg rolls, crab rangoons, beef and broccoli, and fried rice are just a few of the dishes served at westernized Chinese restaurants like Panda Express. Packaged in little takeout boxes and served with crispy fortune cookies, they make for a quick, delicious weeknight meal. What if I were to tell you that these foods are not traditional?To get more news about China cuisine, you can visit shine news official website.

Though marketed as "Chinese food," these dishes are given a twist to appeal to the palates of westerners. Traditional Chinese food differs from American Chinese food, but in no way does that mean it's not as delicious. Though traditional Chinese food varies from region to region, here are 15 of the tastiest Chinese dishes I grew up eating.
1. Chinese Hamburger
While hamburgers may not be a staple of Chinese cuisine, this sandwich sure resembles one. These "burgers" are made of bread filled with flavorful stewed pork. They can be sold on streets or found in street vendors. Other variations of this dish include the use of chicken, lamb, or beef in Muslim-populated areas.

2. Tea Eggs
While they may look strange to you, Chinese tea eggs are often sold as a common snack on the street. Soaked in tea and spices, these eggs have a beautiful marble design when cracked open.

3. Baozi
Warm, fluffy, steamed, and soft, baozi are steamed buns that are often filled with veggies and meat such as barbecue pork. Oftentimes, baozi are filled with sweet fillings such as red bean paste, lotus seed, or even custard.

4. Peking Duck
Peking duck's origin can be traced back to the imperial days of China, where it served to the Chinese Emperor during the Yuan Dynasty. This dish is thinly sliced duck with a crispy, crunchy exterior. Peking duck is typically served alongside onions, cucumbers, bean sauce, and pancakes.

5. Scallion Pancakes
While not your traditional sweet, buttermilk pancakes, these scallion pancakes are just as delicious. Con you bing are a street food made of dough and oil. While they're mainly filled with scallion, other varieties include the addition of sesame seeds or fennel.

6. Shrimp Dumpling Soup
Shrimp dumpling soup is a delicious, mild soup filled with wontons. The filling of these dumplings is similar to siu mai, as it contains pork and shrimp. This soup is usually accompanied by noodles, or eaten plain.

7. BiangBiang Noodles
Ditch the chow mein and try these biangbiang noodles instead. These noodles are thicker and fatter compared to chow mein and is very similar to chow fun in appearance. They are often served with garlic, onions, and beef or mutton.

8. Congee
Congee is a rice porridge dish that's often eaten for breakfast. It's usually eaten alongside meat, fish, salted duck eggs, or century eggs, and fried breadsticks called youtiao. Congee is the perfect dish when you're sick, or when the weather is chilly.

9. Char Siu
Recognized by its deep, bright red color, char siu is a barbecue pork dish. While it varies from place to place, the most common cuts of pork they use include pork loin, pork belly, and pork butt. Ingredients such as honey, five spice powder, red fermented bean curd, soy and hoisin sauce, are not only used to season it, but also give it that signature red color. It's sometimes used as a filling for baozi, eaten with noodles, or eaten alone.

10. Soup Dumplings (Xiaolong Bao)
Popularized by restaurants such as Din Tai Fung, soup dumplings a traditional Chinese food that most people are familiar with. These soup dumplings are often filled with pork and broth. When poked, flavorful, warm broth comes oozing out. While eating them is fun, I find that it's more fun to poke them and see all the broth ooze out.

11. Siu Mai
If you've ever eaten dim sum, you may have seen siu mai in one of the dumpling boxes. Originating in Mongolia, siu mai are often filled with pork, shrimp, and mushrooms. Depending on the season, other varieties like seafood, crab meat, pumpkin, and chives are served.

12. Sesame Balls
Crisp, delicious, sweet, and rolled in sesame seeds, these sesame balls make for a delicious afternoon snack or dessert. They're chewy and have a crispy exterior. Made with glutinous rice and filled with red beans, they're similar to custard-filled donut holes.

13. Nian gao
Nian gao, otherwise known as "year cake," is a sweet rice cake that is eaten at Chinese New Year. It's symbolized as being lucky to eat it at this time of year because nian gao is phonetically similar to "higher year." While normally sweet, there are certain savory versions of this delicious cake.

Intraday is a day trading strategy, meaning the order will not be overnight. Instead, when the session ends, you usually close the order as well. This will help you become more comfortable and secure. Due to the world political situation, there are more and more volatility. But forex currency pairs are extremely sensitive to volatility, so if you are not careful, your trading is easy to reverse, making you unable to keep up and hit Stop Loss.To get more news about glluck, you can visit official website.

Like its name, Intraday trading strategy usually occurs on short time frames, they may end in each trading session, or may extend to later sessions, but the order is always closed during the day, not overnight. Traders manage to open/close positions in minutes, hours and even seconds with the goal of taking advantage of the rapid fluctuations of prices to make a profit.

Most intraday trading strategies mainly use technical analysis, based on price behavior so that traders make decisions for each trade.

Intraday strategy has the two following main forms:

High frequency trading
"Little and often fill the purse" is probably the phrase used to describe the exact form of scalping. This is also the trading style used by many traders. The biggest disadvantage of scalping is that you have to keep the order constantly, lose a lot of transaction fees and sometimes the profit is modest or limited because the order needs to be closed during the day.

However, your trading sentiment will be more comfortable, less risky, and no swap fees. So if you have determined to trade scalping, the expected profit-taking level will not be as much as if you were trading on a swing or long-term trade.
It also depends on the personality of each person and the environment you live in. Because each person will have his own strategy. There are many traders now choosing forex as part time jobs instead of full-time. Therefore, they will have to spend a lot of time doing the main job, so they can not keep an eye on too many forex currency pairs, from which they will choose to play scalping or day trading to make "light" debut because of long-term transactions.

Regardless of which method you choose, you should consider a multi-time chart to get an overview of the upcoming trend of the currency pair you want to trade. Then, choose the most appropriate time frame, and you trade on the frame, you have to set a stop loss, take profit according to that frame. For example, if you trade under H4, you should cut profit loss according to H4 frame, if you set the stop loss according to M5 or M15, the scanning of orders is extremely easy to understand.

Another important point is that you must not confuse the above mentioned transaction forms. With surfing, it's impossible to expect to win a hundred pip order (of course it can happen, especially if you trade pairs like gold or currency pairs containing GBP are all pairs with fluctuation is large) but in return, your stop loss will be less. Similarly, in the long-term trade, the expected profit take may be thousands of pips, but the stop loss is also up to several hundred pips. Are you strong enough to withstand the heat in case the market is completely opposite of you?
Trading with the best intraday strategy is inversely proportional to the psychological challenge and patience. Short-term trading, psychological pressure will be greater and requires more patience to achieve maximum profits with minimal risk.

In fact, the short-term traders are under greater psychological pressure than long-term trading.

Transaction discipline also needs to be maximized. Quick order - Accurate - And escape at the right time, no greed are the key factors.

Most short-term traders fail because they do not learn Forex methodically. And most importantly, the foundation of Capital Management, the basic knowledge is almost empty. Do not know how to use leverage. And it is not known when the Price Action signals will be applied effectively.

Always remember that to succeed with intraday trading strategy takes time, effort and patience. When you practice these factors, you will survive in this fierce market.
In forex trading, one of the facts that traders take their sweet time to accept is that it’s a numbers game. In fact, Mathematics is an integral part of your trading.To get more news about sunton, you can visit official website.

Regardless of your trading strategy, it’s the one thing you can’t avoid.

An excellent example of this is during technical analysis. Pretty much every trader uses this form of analysis to get a good grip on how the market moves.

One popular tool used in technical analysis is the Fibonacci.While its name may not sound like a Mathematician’s name, this tool is invaluable for most traders.

In the year 1202, Italian Mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci documented a Mathematical series which later came to be named after him; The Fibonacci series.

The series is basically summing up a number in a series with its preceding number, i.e. 0,1,1,2,3,5,8, …

As the number magnitude increases, the ratio of one number to that of the succeeding number forms a unique pattern. 23.6, 38.2, 50.0,61.8, and 76.4 – all in percentages.

As such, it has come to be known as the ‘golden ratio’. It is the ratio that’s used in Fibonacci trading.

Why is Fibonacci important?
While some experienced traders may not be using Fibonacci for trading, it’s a vital tool when it comes to chart analysis. This is because it helps in predicting and identifying the possible retracement and extension points of the market.

By identifying the retracement points on a specific currency pair market, you’ll be able to determine both the resistance and support points.

This makes it easier to determine the market trend, hence helps you know whether to go long or short.

Using Fibonacci also helps you know when to lock in your profits and when to trail. This becomes important, especially in proper risk management.

There are many Fibonacci tools offered by different platforms, and so, you should make a point of learning how to use them.

That said, here’s how to use Fibonacci tools in your trading.
Swing high refers to the recent highest price attained by the market, followed by a drop in price. On the chart, it refers to a high that’s accompanied by two lower highs on both its left and right.

A swing low is not so different either. It refers to the recent lowest price attained by the market, followed by a rise in prices. On a chart, it’ll be a low that’s preceded by two higher lows on both its sides.

Once you’ve identified these two points, plot a horizontal line across the chart from these points. These lines become your reversal points.

Instantly, your charting software will fill the margin in between these points with retracement points. These points, 23.6, 38.2, 50.0, 61.8, 76.4, will be your basis for analysis.

Identify the resistance and support areas.
You’ve probably come across these two terms a couple of times from other traders. And if you think they are essential in trading, then you’re right.

The resistance point is fundamentally a point in the market, where there are numerous sell orders for a particular currency. On a chart, it’s the ‘ceiling- like’ point where prices stop rising and start falling.

For instance, assuming you’re trading USD/AUD which is on an upwards trend. So, using your Fibonacci tools, you identify your trade is on the 38.2% retracement point.

If the trade keeps rising and hits the 50.0% retracement line, but doesn’t break it, then that point becomes the resistance point.

If that trade then drops back to the 38.2% retracement line and doesn’t break it but instead, rises, then that point becomes the support area.

These points are important because they not only help you understand the trend, but also decide on your entry and exit points.

Another critical concept to understand is that, the more the market tests a resistance point, the stronger it becomes. Also, once the market breaks through a resistance point, the magnitude of the follow-up trend depends on how strong the resistance was holding.
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