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Elastic Pin Coupling MAEPEX 3-Part Version Cast Iron Size 200 Max

Material: Coupling hubs: Grey Cast Iron GG25 (GJL-250). Elastomeres: NBR, hardness 80ºA Shore, black. Torsionally flexible cam coupling, fail-safe, with damping effect. With bolt-on jaw ring. The removable jaw ring allows to replace the elastomers without moving the hubs on the shafts. The MÄDLER® version is improved: Machined claws result in longer lifetime. Couplings are non-bored or pre-bored, depending on the size. * The sizes 250 and 280 have different pilot bores on each side. Customized bores and feather-key grooves available at extra charge. Temperature range: -30ºC to +80ºC.Get more news about Elastic Pin Coupling Wholesaler,you can vist our website!

ZLZ type elastic pin tooth typeCouplingIt uses several pins made of non-metallic materials and is placed in the mating hole between the two halves of the coupling and the inner surface of the outer ring. The two halves of the coupling are connected through the pin to transmit torque. The ZLZ type elastic The pin gear coupling has the following characteristics:

(1) ZLZ-type elastic pin gear couplings transmit large torque. At the same torque, the rotation diameter is mostly smaller than that of gear couplings, with small volume and light weight, which can partially replace gear couplings.

(2) Compared with gear couplings, it has a simple structure, fewer components, and is more convenient to manufacture. It does not require gear processing machines.

(3) The ZLZ elastic pin gear coupling is convenient for maintenance and has a long service life. The nylon pin can be replaced by removing the baffle.

(4) The nylon pin of the ZLZ elastic pin gear coupling is a self-lubricating material and does not need lubrication, which not only saves lubricating oil, but also purifies the working environment.

(5) ZLZ type elastic pin gear coupling has poor vibration reduction performance and high noise.

ZLZ type elastic pin gear coupling has the performance of compensating the relative deviation of the two shafts to a certain extent. It is suitable for medium and high power transmission, and is not suitable for working parts that have certain requirements for vibration reduction and strict control of noise.

Compression Molding Press

A compression molding press is the most widely used production method for rubber molding. It is ideal for low to medium volumes and can be used for a largest variety of part sizes and materials, including high cost materials, and applications that demand extreme hardness. It is a very useful molding process for forming bulky parts, gaskets, seals and O-rings. It is also a very efficient, low waste method that offers the simplest process, lowest investment, and greatest flexibility. Compression molding generally results in lower amounts of scrap. It does not consume excess rubber in the runner of an injection mold, or in the pot of a transfer mold.Get more news about compression moulding machine,you can vist our website!

French supplies a wide variety of custom and standard compression molding press designs generally from 20 tons to 2,000 tons for a wide variety of molding applications and materials ranging from thermoset to thermoplastics, including laminates, composites and more.

Contact French engineers for additional questions or download literature our hydraulic presses for more information.The most commonly viewed drawbacks to compression molding are longer cycle times and costly labor costs. However, both of these can be addressed to equal or surpass the injection molding process. Cycle times for compression molded parts using preheated preforms can be less than for injection molded parts. Automated preform, loading/unloading, and post handling equipment can be integrated with a compression press to nearly equal the labor cost of injection.

High Durometer Materials – Medium hardness materials (60A-90A) work the best in compression molding. Compression molding is easily capable of molding material of even higher durometers. Higher cavity pressure can be difficult to obtain with other molding processes without degradation of material properties.
Filled Materials -The compression molding process is well suited for molding materials that are combined with stiffening fillers. Fiber orientations are not altered of destroyed as commonly observed in injection molding.
Virtually all thermoset materials, from bulky material compounds to very high durometer materials
Mostly every molding industry from industrial to aerospace

Vacuum type Rubber Compression Molding Machine

Vacuum Compression Moding Machine is one of our main products,"Geekung" is now the famous brand in China for rubber vacuum compression molding press,made with premium components and strict QC management,featuring high quality&reliable operation ,our compression molding machine are being sold very popular across China,we are now also expanding our overseas market.Get more news about double deck compression forming machine,you can vist our website!

Vacuum Rubber Compression Moulding Machine is one of our main products,"Geekung" is now the famous brand in China for vacuum tpe compression molding press machine,made with premium components and strict QC management,featuring high quality&reliable operation,durable service life,our rubber compression molding machine are being sold very popular across China,enjoying good reputation,we are now also expanding our overseas market.

APPLICATIONS: Ideal for the production of making packing O-rings,keyboards,rubber medical products,etc.

Features for our vacuum type rubber compression molding press machine:

The vacuum suction hood provides highly efficient vacuum suction effect for the entire mold inside the working platen, suction speed of 700HG/2 sec. The unit offers simplified construction, easy to operate and maintain, with fast mold change.
Our compression molding press is installed with integrated hydraulic circuit providing various pipe functions on the circuit boards, reducing piping to a minimum. The oil cooler ensures long service life of the circuit valve.
The motion time, traverse and number of motions can be conveniently set on the control panel to meet product variations, ensuring production quality made by the compression molding machine.
Combines two molding units in one machine, which can be operated separately.
While in vulcanization molding operations, the hydraulic pump motor can be set for running, or stopped for power saving.The electric system is controlled by the PLC controller, allowing for easy operation and accurate adjustment. An emergency switch provides added safety for the mold and the operator.


PERESEAL N Weatherproof Neutral Seal Silicone is a top quality silicone sealant with a neutral, odourless curing system. It cures into a permanently flexible barrier against water, most chemicals, and weather elements, with sufficient elasticity for movements of joints and expansion of substrates. Outstanding adhesion on most common building surfaces, perfect for both interior and exterior applications.Get more news about Weatherproof Silicone Sealant,you can vist our website!
Gorilla Waterproof Caulk & Seal 100% Silicone Sealant* seals out water, air and moisture and is great for kitchen, bath, window, doors, auto, marine plumbing, gutters and more! Ready for water exposure in just 30 minutes, this waterproof sealant is mold & mildew resistant. The clear silicone sealant won't yellow, shrink or crack over time!
**Note: Do not use on wet, damp, frozen or contaminated surfaces. Not paintable. Not for use in underwater applications, aquariums, on brick, masonry, cementitious materials or on metals sensitive to corrosion including brass & galvanized metals. For general auto/marine applications – not for under hood or direct gasoline exposure.

Tested and conforms to ASTM C920 Standard Specification for Elastomeric Joint Sealants
Very easy application
Almost no smell
Permanently elastic after cure
Colourfast and UV resistant
Excellent weather-resistant properties
Superb durability
Temperature resistance: -60°C to +120°C
Excellent adhesion to most construction materials, such as glass, metals, wood, ceramic, and fibreglass

Sound Insulation of Corrugated-Core Sandwich Panels

With the extension of the applications of sandwich panels with corrugated core, sound insulation performance has been a great concern for acoustic comfort design in many industrial fields. This paper presents a numerical and experimental study on the vibro-acoustic optimization of a finite size sandwich panel with corrugated core for maximizing the sound transmission loss. The numerical model is established by using the wave-based method, which shows a great improvement in the computational efficiency comparing to the finite element method. Constrained by the fundamental frequency and total mass, the optimization is performed by using a genetic algorithm in three different frequency bands. According to the optimization results, the frequency averaged sound transmission of the optimized models in the low, middle, and high-frequency ranges has increased, respectively, by 7.6 dB, 7.9 dB, and 11.7 dB compared to the baseline model. Benefiting from the vast number of the evolution samples, the correlation between the structural design parameters and the sound transmission characteristics is analyzed by introducing the coefficient of determination, which gives the variation of the importance of each design parameter in different frequency ranges. Finally, for validation purposes, a sound insulation test is conducted to validate the optimization results in the high-frequency range, which proves the feasibility of the optimization method in the practical engineering design of the sandwich panel.Get more news about Bh-sandwich Panel Series,you can vist our website!

Because of its high stiffness to mass ratio and excellent impact resistance property, lightweight sandwich panels are largely used in civil construction, high-speed vehicle, ship structure, and aerospace industries [1,2]. A typical sandwich panel usually consists of two face sheets and a core layer. According to the different types of the core, sandwich panels can be broadly separated into two categories, homogeneous core sandwich panels and non-homogeneous (structure supported) core sandwich panels. Due to the lack of mechanical strength, the former type (e.g., foam core sandwich panel) is commonly used in the applications under light load condition. To overcome this drawback, the latter type, non-homogeneous sandwich panel, uses structural stiffener as the core layer. The core structure not only provides additional mechanical strength and bending stiffness but can also keep the lightweight characteristics of the sandwich panel. With the extension of the applications of sandwich panels, the vibro-acoustic properties, especially the sound insulation performance, have attracted great attention for acoustic comfort design in many industrial fields [3].

Due to the geometry diversity of the structural core, the mechanism of sound transmission through structure supported sandwich plate is complicated. Under this circumstance, many theoretical models were proposed to study the basic vibro-acoustic behaviors of structure supported sandwich plate. In the early stage, beginning with investigating sound transmission through building element, Sharp [4] studied the sound insulation performances of structure reinforced double wall structure and proposed an analytical model to predict the sound transmission loss. In this model, the structural reinforcement was assumed as totally rigid, and the link impedance was introduced to evaluate the sound transmission via structural path. Fahy [5] calculated the sound reduction index of double-leaf partitions with timber and steel studs based on the same rigid assumption. The comparison between the calculated results and experimental data indicated that this highly idealized theoretical model works well when the two face sheets are linked by inelastic studs.

As for the elastic structure linked sandwich plates, Brunskog [6] presented a deterministic prediction model for airborne sound insulation performances of an infinite double leaf structure. In his study, both the structural and acoustical (acoustic cavities) sound transmission paths are considered. However, as a simplification, the periodically placed orthogonal studs were treated as bar-like beams, and only the axial displacement was considered. Taking the flexural vibration of structural stiffeners into consideration, Xin and Lu [7] proposed an analytical model to evaluate the sound transmission of lightweight all-metallic sandwich panels. In their study, the structural stiffeners were simplified as translational and rotational springs with concentrated mass. Meanwhile, the structural–acoustical coupling effect was assumed to take place only between the acoustic cavity and the two face sheets. The results indicated that the core geometry exerts a significant effect on the sound insulation performance of the sandwich plate.

High Quality and Anti-Surge Protection LED Flood Light 10W IP65

The IP rate of Dandelion floodlight is IP66, which meets industry and national standards. According to the test, our product can withstand the impact of wind and rain from all directions, but it cannot work under water. The first number of IP66 means the dustproof level, 6 means complete protection against dust.Get more news about Anti-surge Flood Light,you can vist our website!
intrusion. The latter number means the waterproof grade, and 6 means preventing large waves from immersing. Our product can meet the requirements of use i n various harsh environments.
The Dandelion floodlights are driven by high-quality linear IC power supplies, which are better than ordinary independent power supplies on the market. The Dandelion floodlights is favored by the market as its simple circuit, small size, high circuit stability, long life, obvious cost advantage, and it can meet the application of many specific occasions. With the development of IC chip technology, power chipization will become the mainstream trend.
The warranty period of our floodlights is 1 years. Our company provides after-sales guarantee service of "replacement and not repair within 2 years". If the product has quality problems during the warranty period (except for man-made damage), our company will replace you with new one for free. You only need to provide the necessary application materials, and then our professionals will provide you with worry-free one-stop after-sales service.
Easily Include with your Controller
The light can pair with your controller by pushing the button on the back of the motion sensor. No more having to remove the light to pair it.
Motion Illumination and Notification
When the lights motion is triggered, it will turn on the light and send a Z-Wave signal to your Z-Wave controller that the motion has been triggered.
Trigger Other Devices
After receiving this signal, your controller can be programmed to trigger scenes, lights, sirens, notifications, or anything else it is capable of.
Turn the Light On and Off Anytime
You can turn the light on or off at any time with your Z-Wave controller or the wall switch.
Adjustable Motion Trigger
Adjust the time of day you want to allow the motion to trigger. Day or day and night and anywhere in between.
You can also adjust the motion sensor sensitivity.
Made for Outdoor Environments
The light and motion sensor are designed and made for outdoor use.
No Batteries To Change
The light and motion sensor are hard wired so there are no batteries to change.
Bright LED Lights
The Lights are very bright at 3,500 lumens. They will light up whatever they are pointed at very well.
Easy Installation
The light wires up just as easy as any other motion sensor light. (Hot - Neutral - Ground)
The Motion Sensor Is a Z-Wave Relay.
The motion sensor will relay Z-Wave signals to other Z-Wave products making your Z-Wave network (Z-Net) bigger and stronger.

Oil-proof and waterproof type intelligent deoxidizer

The utility model relates to a deoxidizer, in particular to an oil-proof and waterproof type intelligent deoxidizer with labeled indication of oxygen concentration. The oil-proof and waterproof type intelligent deoxidizer with the labeled indication of oxygen concentration comprises a deoxidizer component, a packing bag, an oxygen concentration indication line and a labeling release film, and is characterized in that the packing bag is formed by a front membrane and a bottom membrane; the four sides of the packing bag are sealed, the oxygen concentration indication line or an oxygen concentration indication piece is arranged in any position of one longitudinal seal or the front membrane or the bottom membrane, and breathing micropores are formed on the front membrane corresponding to the oxygen concentration indication line or the oxygen concentration indication piece; the deoxidizer component is placed in a cavity between the front membrane and the bottom membrane; and a binding agent layer is arranged on the external surface of the bottom membrane, and the packing bag is arranged on the labeling release film through the binding agent layer. The intelligent deoxidizer not only can be glued to the food packing bag firmly, but also can avoid the mistaken eating and ensure the food safety; and the deoxidizer has the advantages of simple manufacturing technology, low cost and wide application range.Get more news about Acrylic Deoxidizer,you can vist our website!
As everyone knows, oxygen is important substance human and that other animal depends on for existence, does not have oxygen, and the people is promptly dead.But oxygen also brings the material damage of great harm to the mankind simultaneously, and as going rotten of grain and goods thereof, the clam souring of peanut, meat products and band oil food loses, the oxidation deterioration of tealeaves Tea Polyphenols, VC vitamin etc., and none is not to cause because of oxygen.Also have the corrosion of various metalworks, rubber plastic aging, its root also is the result of dioxygen oxidation.In order to solve the harm of oxygen to the mankind, reduce the loss that therefore causes, states such as China and Japan promptly develop deoxidizer since the sixties in last century.Preservation technique is sealed in began one's study from 1963 deoxidizer and deoxygenation of the applicant up for safekeeping, succeeded in developing " 0 " type oxygen absorbent once, the 4H deoxidizer, now deoxidizer has been widely used in the sealing up for safekeeping of war products such as fresh-keeping and guided missile, shell of medicines such as tens of food such as rice, tealeaves, tobacco, moon cake, cake, melon seeds, peanut, red date, sausage, cured goods, meat products and genseng.Deoxidizer is sealed technology up for safekeeping has become one of main preservation technique of food industry.The mechanism of deoxidizer fresh-keeping foodstuff is the oxygen of removing rapidly in the food sealing bag, and oxygen concentration is dropped to below 0.1% by 21%.But present deoxidizer comprises oxygen concentration and indicates intelligent deoxidizer in use, all is directly to be placed in the food pack mixed in togetherly with food, when the customer eat, is easy to follow food to pour out together and is eaten by mistake, and become a kind of potential safety hazard.And the label type deoxidizer of the same type of present foreign market, reduce more than 50% owing to the dispersion of deoxidizer component is fixed on the oxygen uptake efficient that makes deoxidizer in the colloid band, or aqueous ingredients is too low, must rely on the moisture content ability oxygen uptake in the packaging product, food to low water content can not be used, thereby has strengthened packing measurement, and complex process, increased cost, and application is limited to.。

Aluminum Led Light Housing

With advanced technologies and facilities, strict good quality manage, reasonable rate, superior assistance and close co-operation with shoppers, we have been devoted to supplying the very best price for our consumers for Aluminum Led Light Housing, Plastic Cover For Led Lamp , Fuel Injection Pc Case , G13 Base T8 Led Tube Fixture ,Pleated Lamp Covers . We sincerely welcome all guests to set up business relationships with us on the basis of mutual benefits. Please contact us now. You will get our professional reply within 8 hours. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Indonesia , Berlin ,Qatar , Madras .For many years, we have adhered to the principle of customer oriented, quality based, excellence pursuing, mutual benefit sharing. We hope, with great sincerity and good will, to have the honor to help with your further market.Get more news about aluminum housing triproof light,you can vist our website!

The E-Slim T54 Tri-Proof light is the optimal solution for areas with harsh environmental conditions.
Its uniquely rugged and low-profile design is ideal for space-constrained industrial applications requiring a durable and energy-efficient solution.
CE, RoHs, ERP, TUV-GS, SAA, UL, DLC Certified.
Water-proof, Dust-proof, Damp-proof, Vapor-proof.
Unique Design, Mitsubishi PC Cover, Aluminum Housing And Aluminum PCB.
IP66, IK10.
Global Patent Protection lED Source, SM2835.
Capable With non-dimming, O – 10V Dimming, DALI, Sensor, Emergency Version.
Available In Side Connection, Back connection, Plug – and – play Connection, Self – Wiring Connection.
Two Visions Of Luminous Efficiency – 120Lumen / W, 145Lumen Per Watt.
L80B50 Lifespan (ta=25°C): 70, 000hrs.
5 Years Warranty.
Choices For 125 Lumen / W, And 145 Lumen / W.


When I started juicing, the first term I learned was “cold pressed.” Quickly though, I began to see slow juicing pop up to describe specific types of juicers. But, I wondered, what is the difference between slow juicing and cold pressed juicing? A little research revealed the simple answer. However, through learning about slow juicing and cold pressed juicing, I also learned that the reason these two phrases are used so often is because they’ve become synonymous with high-quality juicing methods.To get more news about pomegranate seed remover, you can visit official website.

When you buy fresh cold pressed or slow juice from a store, it hasn’t been pasteurized. This is incredibly important, as all bottled juices you would regularly buy are pasteurized and thus the vast majority of the nutrients are lost. This makes fresh cold pressed juice objectively better than bottled juices. However, regularly buying cold pressed juice from a store or cafe becomes expensive quickly. For someone wanting to consistently add nutrient-dense juices to their diet, investing in a juicing machine is highly recommended.

Cold press juicers are broadly known as masticating juicers. Masticating juicers produce higher quality juice and yield more juice from produce. Generally, slow juicers extract significantly more juice than “normal” juicers, which are broadly called centrifugal juicers. Masticating juicers more efficiently extract nutrients and enzymes than centrifugal juicers. They are also capable of juicing leafy greens and small amounts of wheatgrass; centrifugal juicers are not capable of juicing leafy vegetables.
Juice is best fresh; there’s no denying it. It tastes amazing and it has the highest level of nutrients. However, cold pressed juice will last up to 72 hours in the fridge. This is thanks to the slow juicing machine that produces less oxidation. If you’re treating disease with juice or adding a significant amount of juice to your daily schedule, it will likely make the most sense for you to batch make your juices each day. A cold press masticating juicer makes this easily possible while still providing high quality, nutrient-dense juice.

Our complete guide to the Best Masticating Juicers thoroughly covers all of the best juicers on the market. That being said, here’s a quick break down of three fantastic juicers in this category:

The most affordable masticating juicer is the Champion Elite 4000, which is considered an old-reliable in the juicing community. If you want the highest possible quality juice and are ready to invest, it’s hard to match The Angel, which comes in four different models. For the highest quality juice at the best price, the Hurom Alpha Vertical Slow Juicer is a great option. Check out many more options here.

As always, if you have any questions regarding slow juicers or a specific model of juicer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Providing information and products for optimal wellness is our passion; we’re here to help. Can you tell the difference when drinking cold pressed versus “normal” juice?

Here Are the Best Cold Press Juicers

Whether you appreciate a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice with breakfast, are considering making more smoothies, or want to create on-the-go beverages for your family, an at-home juicer is a required kitchen appliance.To get more news about grape juicer machine, you can visit official website.

The difference between a cold press juicer and a traditional centrifugal juicer is that the latter uses high-speed spinning blades, which some studies suggest can create heat that destroys heat-sensitive nutrients found in fresh produce in certain fruits1.Drinking cold-pressed juices gives more nutrients and enzymes than eating them," says Stacy Davis, RD LDN, at Flavorful Lifestyle. "It also provides more nutrients and vitamins since it isn’t heated or pasteurized—and it tastes delicious.”
Slow-speed juicers, also called cold press or masticating juicers, slowly crush and squeeze produce. Because of the lack of heat and speed, they’re quieter than centrifugal models.

Here, we’ve done the homework for you and compiled a list of the best cold press juicers, including options for those who want to prioritize storage space, price, or noise level.The Omega Nutrition Center is a solidly built workhorse that handles greens and soft and hard produce with ease. It includes several attachments that allow it to be used for other functions like grinding coffee beans, making nut butter, extruding pasta dough into noodles, making baby food, and churning out frozen desserts.

Thanks to its ultra-low speed of 80 RPMs, the Omega produces some of the freshest juice our reviewer had ever tasted. It features a dual-extraction process that works by crushing produce and then squeezing the remaining pulp to maximize juice extraction. Our product tester knew it was squeezing every bit of juice it could because of how dry the pulp was.
We did find a few downsides during our testing, though. The Omega takes up more space than vertical juicers and has more parts to store. You might want to consider a drawer organizer to keep parts contained. The feed chute is on the narrow side, so you’ll have to cut your fruit and vegetables into smaller pieces to fit. The pulp and juice collection containers are on the smaller side, so if you’re juicing for a crowd, be prepared to pause and empty these containers as you juice. While not the most expensive juicer on this list, the Omega is on the pricey end, but it’s backed by a 15-year warranty.

There is a similar model, the NC1000HDS Premium Juicer and Nutrition System (which we have not tested), that's lighter, comes with six nozzles instead of five, and features a convenient handle that makes moving it around easier. However, its power and functionality are largely the same so we would hesitate to spend more money on those extras. Although the Premium model has a higher list price on the manufacturer site than the Ultimate we tested, you can find it for around the same price as the Ultimate on other retailers.

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