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The server consolidation will take place from December 20th to December 21st.

Amazon Games gave a detailed description of which New World servers and world schedules and times will be merged.

Luxendra, the community manager of New World, said in an update posted to the game's official Amazon New World Coins forum that they will list two different times for these mergers, and also list the changes that will be affected by each world that will be merged.

Regarding the question of why it is necessary to merge servers, New World’s FAQ explained that whether it is fighting opponents in wars or invasions, or hanging out in local taverns, they found that healthier areas also provide players with more enjoyment. Opportunity for game time.

When the data shows that the experience in the world has become sub-optimal, the game team will investigate the reasons for the change in conditions and see if it needs to be merged. Part of the survey content is to find the most suitable counterpart for the world that is destined to merge, which also helps to ensure that the player's time in Aeternum becomes more interesting.

New World's user ratings dropped from mostly positive to mixed. You can find many reasons for the decline in the popularity of the game on the game browsing page, but most people seem to be dissatisfied with some economic changes in the game, and some people are frustrated with the large number of MMO errors.

Since the launch of Amazon's New World game one month ago, the number of  game New World Coins  players has decreased by about 1 million. An analysis of data provided for free on SteamCharts shows that the MMO has lost 135,000 monthly players every week since its launch at the end of September. But it once reached an astonishing peak of 913,027 concurrent players on October 3rd.

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If you are a fan of MMORPG games, then I believe you must have followed World of Warcraft, the classic MMO game. Or, it happens to be your favorite game you are playing? If so, you must already know that WOW TBC Classic is about to usher in its third WOW TBC Gold phase.

As we are about to enter the third phase of WOW TBC Claissic, we can take this opportunity to learn about the number of servers in 2021. Perhaps, you may also want to know how the past few months and the start of the championship game have affected the Outland endgame statistics.

Given the current WOW TBC Claissic ID, the nerfs of Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep have arrived, and their coordination of level 5 raids has disappeared. To put it another way, Blizzard’s developers set the starting route for the third phase of TBC Classic.

We are currently approaching the third stage of WOW TBC Claissic, and can take this opportunity to look at the server population in December 2021. The impact of the championship season on the population is exciting.

Through statistics about players using their own characters to participate in the PVE endgame on different servers, we found that the number of players on almost all servers has decreased slightly. After comparison, we found that there is almost no obvious growth in any field. This situation is of course related to the tournament TBC Classic Gold season, because of the hardcore option, many players are very interested in it. Blizzard is expected to announce the third phase of WOW TBC Claissic soon.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected was launched on all major platforms on September 23, 2021. Blizzard is committed to improving the game with regular updates. Recently, it announced that it will launch the upcoming patch 2.4 early next year.

Patch 2.4 will add a ladder Diablo 2 Resurrected Items mode, which is also the main game content of Diablo 2. Players have so far enjoyed the richness of Sanctuary in non-ladder games, but the stair-like experience is completely different. It is a seasonal game in nature, where every player will start over, with no equipment, no characters, and no levels. This is a competition with a wealth of trophies and allows players to leave their names on the rankings. If you are already a veteran of Diablo 2, you should know that all four commonly used ladder modes will be added to D2R. This includes the standard and hardcore ladders in Diablo 2, as well as their expanded content.

For a game that has not seen new content since 2010, the promise of the new Diablo 2 rune word may become the most exciting promise. Although we don't know many relevant details, Blizzard said these have never appeared in the game before.

In addition to adding new rune words, it is expected that a new Horadric Cube recipe will be added. In these new formulas, set items will play a role in them, and provide more effective ways to upgrade the set.

Class balance also got some work in patch 2.4, and rarely used skills are being investigated and checked to achieve the goal of making them more attractive. For example, the piercing and defense Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale skills seem to be increasing, and the barbarian's throwing skills have also been strengthened.

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Amazon announced the release date of Lost Ark at the 2021 Game Awards.

The long-awaited MMOARPG Lost Ark by many fans finally announced its release date at the Game Awards. There have been many speculations about this date, and now, we can be sure that it will finally be released in early February 2021.

If you want to know the specific date, the date Amazon gave everyone is Friday, February 11, 2022, which is the date when the game will be released in Europe. Of course, if you want to start the game a few days in advance, you can buy the Pioneer Pack on Amazon or Steam.

By purchasing one of the four different Pioneer Packs, you can enter the world of Arkesia three days before the game is released, ahead of most other players.

And buying the Pioneer Pack not only allows you to play the game three days in advance, you can also buy cute pets, which can help you collect loot.

Christoph Hart, vice president of Amazon Games, is also very pleased with the announcement of the specific release date.

He said that they look forward to bringing Lost Ark to players in the new region, and with the announcement of the release date, everyone is one step closer to participating in this awesome game. In February next year, players will be able to immerse themselves in the fantastic world of Arkesia for the first time and create their own adventures.

Moreover, the developer also showed a brand new trailer with a new game scene. If you are interested, you can go to Google related videos to check it out.

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Blizzard announced the release date for Phase 2 of the Mastery Season. This announcement was made one month after World of Warcraft's new service options.

The release date of the season of mastery is currently faster than the expansion of the classic WOW Classic TBC Gold version and the classic version.

The second stage of the game will release two worlds, Boss Kazzak and Azuregos, with a guaranteed path to the Shadow Eye and all new equipment drops, which can be used to create blessings for the priest.

The second phase of the release will take place on December 16. Currently, these two world leaders appear in the rebirth zone, but their generation time is very long, so you may not see them in a short time.

For players on large servers, you can expect to see large team combinations to defeat these bosses and experience epic battles. Kazzak appears in Blasted Lands’ Tainted Scar, and Azuregos can be found in Azshara.

In addition, with the opening of Blackwing Lair, it will still take some time to release the next stage of the game.

The content of the third stage may be released early in the new year, and it is very likely to happen after the third stage of Burning Crusade Classic.

The game content of WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic is very rich, and the game team has been providing new content for the TBC Classic Gold game in order to enhance the player's experience.

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Two 86-level versions of Dries Mertens from Naples have been added to FIFA 22, and you can get these items through the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team team building challenge menu.

This Versus promotion will provide two FUT 22 Coins permanent upgrades for some fire and ice themed players. Anyone who completes the entire SBC can choose between the Versus Fire or Versus Ice version of Mertens.

Each card can be upgraded with different skills, and you can choose the best version based on your game style and current team. Merten's Versus Fire version is not upgraded compared to his level 84 gold version. The most upgraded skill is his shooting, and his Versus Ice version of passing has increased by 7 points.

Both of his versions have four-star weak feet and skill moves, and the application of the hunter chemistry style will further increase the speed and shooting of any version, which also makes his game skills more attractive.

In order to get this Versus Mertens, you must complete the two teams of Belgium and Serie A TIM before Monday, December 20. The cost of forming these two teams from the beginning is about 123,000 to 131,000 FUT coins on the Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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In an interview, Lane was asked how recent in-game exploits have disrupted Amazon Game Studios' server balance plan.

Lane admits that they believe that exploits are indeed very destructive, so their team puts most of their energy on it to correct these New World Coins exploits.

In addition, Lane added that although the percentage of players and companies that use the vulnerability is very small, preventing the vulnerability and solving the series of consequences it brings is a very time-consuming task.

However, the impact of destructive vulnerabilities on the new world should be relatively small, because the first thing Amazon game studio wants is to prevent them from entering the real-time server. The studio has added a public testing area in New World, in this PTR, players can test for bugs and balance issues in the patch. Moreover, the game team also added more test resources to filter patches.

Lane explained that they may have caused some problems because they were moving too fast. They are currently looking for a balance between speed and quality.

In this interview, Lane also said that the early and mid-term game experience of the game is problematic, and he hopes that New World can better promote the later content of existing games. Perhaps in the future, players will usher in a series of changes in the RPG New World Coins quality of life for single players to enjoy and more.

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FIFA 22 Versus seems to be the main event in December in this year's version, but it also postponed the community's expectations for FIFA 22 Freeze and FIFA 22 Futmas.

The event was released in FIFA 22 on Friday, December 10th last week, providing FUT 22 Coins players with 14 major names of Ice and Fire versions, including Marcus Rashford, Gabriel Jesus and Adama Traore and others.

FIFA 22 Versus is a one-week event that provides new Ice and Fire cards for a selected group of players. From Friday, December 10th to Monday, December 13th, Fire Card can provide packaging. After that, it will be replaced by an Ice card that lasts until Friday, December 17.

If it were you, would you choose Ice or Fire? In the current FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, the world's best football e-sports game, you will see the ultimate duel of the biggest opponents on the court and enjoy an exciting match for winning and losing. FUT Versus started with the opposing game styles and the most intense matchups in world football, and celebrated the opposing forces in football through special time-limited content in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

In this Ice and Fire comparison, all the cards in the battle provide major upgrades. For example, Gabriel Jesus, his total score for basic items is 83 points. The speed rating is 84 points, with 81 shots and 86 dribbles. And his Versus Fire project raised the OVR to 89, which is a leap that provided 6 attribute points, and the speed was increased to 93, the shooting reached 87 points, and the dribble reached 91 points.

In addition, there is a key difference between skill movements and weak feet. For example, Christian Pulisic is one of the three players in these two projects that have been released through SBC. The skill moves of the Ice FIFA 22 Coins element are 5 stars, and the weak foot of the Fire element is also 5 stars.

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After New World's very successful release and weeks of uncertainty, its reviews and number of players are not in the best condition.

The MMO New World released by Amazon Studio was a huge success. According to Steam data, the number of players in New World exceeded 700,000 on the first New World Coins day, which also caused players to queue up if they wanted to enter the server. A few days later, New World ushered in its historical peak, with more than 910,000 players entering the game. If the number of people and community participation in New World were frozen at that time, the situation of Amazon's release might be somewhat different.

However, players quickly discovered design issues that prevented them from playing the game the way they really wanted. However, the fascinating PVP faction wars and interesting PVE, as well as expeditions and a large amount of collection and production, all continue this fun. The real reason for the spread of negative emotions in the community and the decrease in the number of players is the replication barriers of New World and the ensuing economic disasters. This has triggered a series of events, resulting in a decrease in communication between developers and players. More distrust. However, the game team has actively solved these problems, and players who want to join the game can still create an account to experience the game.

Although the state of New World after its release is very good, it is clear that it does not seem to be perfectly prepared for the release. New World has imposed a large number of bans on cheaters and exploiters, and most of them are permanent. Players are pleased with the reopening of communication when developers share future game plans. They made a lot of hype around the release of the "Into the Void" update in November. This update is designed to introduce a large number of enemies and new New World Coins Buy weapons, as well as fix problems and solve emergencies.

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The 2.3 patch is now online. Although the game's developer Blizzard has not classified the content brought by this update in detail, players can fully expect that many problems in the game can be fixed or other improvements. One thing worth noting is that Amazon published a blog post called'Patch 2.3 Highlights' a few weeks ago, so we know at least some details about the accessibility and visual improvements in the game, including Nvidia DLSS technology.

Nvidia's technology is a real boon for those who want to increase fps, and there is no need to Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes worry about the cost of upgrading gaming PCs. Although it renders the game at a lower target resolution, it still uses AI upgrade technology to maintain the sharpness of the image quality. However, unfortunately, players need to be compatible with Nvidia graphics cards to fully use this feature, and AMD FSR support has not yet appeared.

However, since the system requirements of Diablo 2 Resurrected are already very low, it is impossible to determine how much benefit Nvidia DLSS can bring to players. However, in any case, this option is good.

Blizzard Entertainment also launched an "Active Skill Bindings bar" for D2R players, which is an option that allows more skill key bindings. What you need to know is that this feature only existed in the console port of the game before, because developers were worried that it would affect the original experience on the PC. In the end, this fear was quelled by a lot of feedback from the community asking for this feature to be added.

In general, Diablo 2 Resurrected has been updated in many ways on the basis of its original Diablo 2. In addition to the significant improvement in game image quality, many modern game functions have been added, which greatly enhances the player's gaming experience.

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