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Gold is the sought-after currency in the game as it allows you to make purchases in the auction houses, whether it’s costumes, pets, engravings, accessories, consumables, food and many more. It also plays a vital part in your gear progression in all three tiers. It’s a currency that you will always need and you can never have enough. So, how to make easy gold in Lost Ark? In this Lost Ark Gold farming guide, we break through the fastest ways to farm Lost Ark Gold in Lost Ark, include in-depth explanations of almost every daily and weekly activity within Lost Ark.

Complete dungeons

One of the dungeons that players can participate in is the Chaos Dungeon. Once players reach level 50 and have the appropriate gear score, they can tackle the Chaos Dungeon two times per day. Dungeons can be difficult to tackle alone, but the reward can be well worth it. Dungeons will give players higher amounts of gold and item rarity with higher difficulty.

Abyss Dungeons

The Abyss Dungeons must be carried out in groups of four and is a useful and practical method to farm gold. They are linked with specific character lockouts and can only be carried out three times a week, and is particularly handy towards gear progression.

These are not like the Chaos Dungeons that you can run solo, so be sure to team up with competent players to make sure you get all of the rewards that are on offer.

NPC relationships

In Lost Ark, you may develop a close relationship with NPCs and if you achieve a high level of trust, generous NPCs will gift you things.

There are some that offer a lot of gold, and in particularly amazing quantities. This makes less sense in the endgame since you can only earn the NPC rewards one at a time, it is very profitable in the beginning.

There are several methods to improve your interactions with NPCs. Each character has his or her own tastes, and then they want you to do things for them, sing songs, or express yourself in front of them.

Gifting items to NPCs is a method you can use in order to improve your relationship with them. Certain NPcs are interested about very specific presents. If you deliver them the gifts, your connection with them will progress considerably faster.

You should prioritize the following NPCs at the beginning:

The King of Luterra, Thirain, is found in Luterra Castle. If you make a good impression on the nice gentleman, he will offer you 500 gold as a gift.

If you win Neria’s trust, she will offer you 600 gold at East Luterra’s Wave Beach Harbor.

In the town of Neria in Arthetine, who is looking forward to seeing you at Stern’s Origin, 600 gold will be given if she believes you.

At level 5, you may score as much as 3,500 gold from the Sasha, who is located in Stern’s Origin.

Mercenary Zeira is also in Stern’s Origin. She immediately provides you with 200 gold once she has faith in you.

Ealyn can be found in Vern Castle. If you gain her trust at level 5, she’ll offer you 1,000 gold.

You’ll also come across Avele in Vern Castle, who will pay you a total of 1,400 gold if you gain her trus.

There are several NPCs who will provide you up to 2,700 gold throughout the game, but you won’t encounter them until later. These are the only people you can persuade to give you money up to level 50.

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