To reduce queue time, Lost Ark banned millions of bot accounts from Millsonadam's blog

Recently, Amazon, Lost Ark’s agent in Europe and the United States, published a statement in the official community, announcing that they had banned more than one million Lost Ark accounts that were judged to be bots. They said that this is just the first step in the action, and they are continuing to work hard for the follow-up work, and hope that players will realize this. For the specific list of banned accounts, please visit MMOWTS for more detailed information. MMOWTS insists on providing cheap and safe Lost Ark Gold, all products are obtained manually without any risk.

At the beginning of the article, Amazon stated that bot accounts have been the main problem negatively affecting Lost Ark, which has existed since the game was released in Europe and the United States, and continues to become more serious. The development team has been working hard to develop new programs in order to make effective anti-cheat tools and methods to identify and remove those bots occupying servers. Need Lost Ark Gold No Ban? I think you can get them from MMOWTS. And the result is obvious, on March 4th, they permanently deleted more than one million accounts identified as bots.

While Amazon has taken a number of steps to avoid misidentifying some human players as bots, they acknowledge in the article that this still happens in small numbers. Of course, things are not unresolvable. If you can provide enough evidence to the online customer service of the official website that you are a live player, your account will be forgiven.

At the end of the article, Amazon summarizes the action. While they know this wave of bans will have a huge impact on the game, they'll stick with it and prepare for more work ahead because it's just the first step. Their priority is to provide players with a fair environment and a fun experience.

They will continue to carry out large-scale work to detect and eliminate cheating and bots in the game, so that the game has a better future. The necessary work includes applying anti-cheat tools on a large scale and rolling out as many waves of bans as possible, which will require them to develop more advanced methods of identifying bots.

The effect of this account ban is obvious, and many players have responded to Amazon's actions by posting in the gaming community. They praised the move for significantly reducing their waiting time in the queue. And the new content that will be introduced to the game in the next update also gives players confidence in the future of Lost Ark. New content means new challenges and loot, whether you want to get stronger fast or get new loot earlier, MMOWTS will help you make your dreams come true. MMOWTS is a professional third-party game currency seller, thousands of players choose to buy Lost Ark Gold from every day, not only because of the cheap price, but more importantly, their security is verified by players.

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