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Gold is the sought-after currency in the game as it allows you to make purchases in the auction houses, whether it’s costumes, pets, engravings, accessories, consumables, food and many more. It also plays a vital part in your gear progression in all three tiers. It’s a currency that you will always need and you can never have enough. So, how to make easy gold in Lost Ark? In this Lost Ark gold farming guide, we break through the fastest ways to farm Lost Ark Gold for Sale in Lost Ark, include in-depth explanations of almost every daily and weekly activity within Lost Ark.

Complete Abyss Dungeons

On Tier 3 Abyss Dungeons are a great way to farm gold in the game. You can get a ton of gold per week, per character through these dungeons. Completing the Dungeons on the hardest difficulty yields 7000 Gold while normal difficulty gives you 2400 Gold.

Complete Daily TasksWhat’s the point? At level 50 and upon reaching North Vern, you will unlock Una’s Quests. This is the counterpart to daily and weekly quests in Lost Ark. It is best to follow the purple quest that you get to have the system explained to you in detail.

However, you only complete the tasks for one reason: a lot of gold. You can also choose a faction and thus justify the background and motives of your tasks, but of course, you want to see gold in the end.

How does this work? Behind Una’s quests in Lost Ark is a sophisticated scoring system, where daily quests give you 2 points, while weekly quests give you a whopping 12 points.

After 25, 35, 45, 55, and 70 points you get the so-called Unas marks, and behind them is the gold that you absolutely want to have. However, the daily tasks give a few more rewards in the form of useful materials.

So that you don’t grind all 70 points immediately, you can only complete 3 daily and 3 weekly tasks per character. The higher the item level of our character, the more we get donated from valuable brands. The points will then reset at the weekly reset.

How much gold is that? This depends on a bit of luck and is therefore not as safe as the previous two tips. However, you can always repeat these tasks and there is theoretically no limit to your gold.

You can get different gold chests from Una’s brands, which can contain different contents. The chests always give a minimum value of gold plus a random drop that you can get really lucky with.

There are these chests:

Bulging bag of gold for 80 tokens: Get yourself 200 gold plus either a small gold bar worth 100 gold or a large gold bar worth 1,000 gold.

Small Safe for 200 Tokens: Brings you 600 gold safely plus either a small gold bar worth 100 gold or a large gold bar worth 1,000 gold.

Large gold chest for 500 tokens: 1,250 gold safe plus either a small gold bar worth 100 gold, a large gold bar worth 1,000 gold, or a giant gold bar worth 10,000 gold.

So you should always complete the daily tasks if you want to earn a lot of gold. But if you don’t have time for it, you can even do it with real money.

Una’s Tasks

Una’s tasks are daily missions that can be carried out for gold in return. Unlike the Dungeons, the tasks can only be completed once a day and should be at the top of your list as far as priority is concerned, especially if you are a high-level player.

Completing a task could not be simpler. Head over to the Task menu and complete the objectives that are listed. Then return to the HUD and complete the small quests, which could be anything from collecting specific items or killing enemies.

You will soon find that the amount of gold that you have will be stacking up, and the secret is to remain consistent in completing these tasks. You will have thousands in gold and an array of gold chests in no time!

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