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In the end, it's all about OSRS gold the glory str is great, but when training melees in a low damage situation (ie pest control) is it possible to make the str more effective? We've all seen the lengths that people go just to get those few str points. Tassets are 22 mils for 2 str. BQQ costs 20 mil and the fighter torso was a pain to acquire (ok I guess it wasn't that bad). The str ammy has added 4 str in comparison to the joy. It's an amount of 3.6 million in a ring, and 20 million in a chest.

There are more negatives than pros, but that does not hinder a lot of f2p players from having a str on top of a power which is just the lesser glory. A player with 70str using only a whip (82 str bonus) can expect to find around 95.5 damage a hit on average with a glory. A player who uses whips will experience about 98 damage per hit. That's a 2.6 percentage increase in damage when this happens.

Blue - There's always competition in the Taverly dungeon (the one you were talking about fishing for eels from). However the resource dungeon in there has ~5-6 Blue Dragon spawns and isn't too popular. I have killed blue dragons here, but it's not a requirement to complete at least 60 per day of dungeoneering.

Red - They're located in the rs2007 gold Brimhaven dungeon , or Red Dragon Isle in the deep wilderness. Both are far from banks, and are not worth the effort. Blacks - - Without your stats and considering that you stated you'd only kill 5 in a row, I wouldn't suggest taking them down either. You should update your original post with your full stats next time around to keep an eye to see what's happening in the discussion. Thanks!

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By Skyzhay
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