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In the end: Torso is not worth cheap OSRS gold buying. Period. Should you not have the money to play, this is a fantastic alternative. One of the main disadvantages I've seen for slayer is the slight fee for prayer. The loss in defence bonus is minimal. Can you prove this? The median money maker is about 1m per hour. It can take inexperienced players around that long to master BA and by then, he'd have the money for BCP.

I've never stated that the def bonus matters. If you read my previous threads, I'm a fan of str over def on any day in the course of the day. It is also impossible to sell torso back, so this is a minor issue. I can guarantee you that "average" money maker is far less than one million dollars per hour. There are only a few methods that produce that much.

There were so numerous bots in AZs that I barely manage 50k/hr there. The majority of slayer jobs offer an average of 80k+ xp for every hour. I'm not aware of any slayer job that offers 80k xp/hr. Simply click the right moment on AZS and you'll not be in trouble. It's not like everyone doesn't bots slay as well.

I am at 100k exp. from 99 woodcutting. I thought I would get an Saradomin sword. However, I decided to create a thread on this site and see the opinions of everyone regarding whether I should purchase the ss or BGS. This means that they are in the same price range at the moment. I have a whip and dragon defender right now however I am unable to train in strength with them. I'm a fan of 2h weapons. In fact, I'm hitting pretty much the same way with the ss that I hit with the whip anyways.

So I'm at the finish line of rs2007 gold the wood cutting I am sick of doing. So I am probably going to make some pvp-related mini-games. Like clan wars. Maybe I'll go on a business or quests, and also some training every often. I have never really "grinded" and did what ever I wanted to do. This is why I am insane by cutting wood for months on end. Nothing better after grinding than to kill each other.

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By Skyzhay
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