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Fildena pills or Viagra, as it is popularly known is another erectile dysfunction treatment. Viagra was first manufactured in 1998 by Meridia, Sildenafil, and Norvig. It is a prescription drug that works by increasing the blood flow to the penile chambers during erection. Meridia fildena and Sildenafil are the active ingredients of Viagra. The Viagra tablet is to be taken just before sex in order to produce a peak sexual experience for both partners.

In addition to Viagra, Fildena is a prescription medication that can also help treat erectile dysfunction by allowing blood to flow into the penis easily allowing blood to reach the chambers containing nitric oxide, an active ingredient that improves blood flow in the male reproductive system. This allows blood to be more abundant and increase in size allowing more blood to flow in which in turn, expands the chambers containing nitric oxide and engorges them allowing more blood to flow in. An added benefit of the expanded blood chambers is that it increases the amount of blood in the corpora cavernosa allowing for more blood to reach the penis. This allows for more stimulation resulting in a larger erection.

The primary difference between the Fildena 100 pill and Viagra is that Viagra is for men whereas Fildena is mainly for women. The female sex hormone estrogen is the main factor that causes hardening of the arteries, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. Since estrogen is a nitric oxide pill, it has the ability to dilate the arteries and allow more blood to flow in allowing for more oxygen-rich blood to get to the penile chambers. As a result, the male sex organ becomes larger. Women taking Fildena will not only experience a larger penis but also a more pleasurable sexual experience.

While using Fildena pills does not guarantee a quick fix for high blood pressure, those who take this medication will notice a decrease in their heart attack and stroke rates. Those taking Fildena will have a lower chance of having a heart attack or stroke. If you are on medication that is hard on your systems such as clonidine or verapamil, using Fildena pills will help lessen the side effects of these medicines.

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