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If you don't care about the negative controversies related to Blizzard, it is a very good opportunity to become a fan of World of Warcraft now. Because Blizzard recently provided a new server for those players who are keen to challenge themselves in World of Warcraft Classic, which will contain improved content, called Season of Mastery. Similar to the complete release process of World of Warcraft Classic, World of Warcraft Season of Mastery will also be gradually opened to players in six stages. What we can know at the WOW TBC Gold moment is the information of the first phase of the new season. You can read this article to understand some obvious changes.

Players can level up faster in WOW Classic SOM
Reports from some game news sites claim that reaching level 60 in Season of Mastery is a very easy thing. Judging from the current situation, the leveling efficiency of most players is consistent with the official information. Any player can get an extra 40% XP bonus when earning XP, which means that compared with the WOW Classic period, your leveling speed can be increased by at least 40%, as long as you are still willing to spend a lot of time completing quests and killing Monster, you can reach max level faster than before.

World Buffs will not be able to help the raid team
When you work with guild members in WOW Classic to research how to defeat the boss in the raid, the first important factor you will consider is World Buffs. In fact, many effective strategies and methods are developed by stacking more useful World Buffs. And now, these strategies will not be used in Season of Mastery, because Blizzard canceled the effect of World Buffs in the raid. According to Blizzard, this is mainly to let players not focus on gains but the raid content itself. Those players who want to challenge themselves have no complaints and think this is a good change.

Raids become more difficult
Same as the situation when World of Warcraft Classic was first released, in the first stage players can Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold only challenge Onyxia's Lair and Molten Core. They do not look much different from the raid we are most familiar with, but when you enter the challenge phase, you will find that they become more difficult in Season of Mastery. First of all, the health of most bosses and creatures has been doubled, which places higher requirements on the DPS of the player team. In addition, some new mechanisms will be added to the bosses in the past, and some of their original mechanisms have been enhanced. Although we are not yet able to know all the detailed statistics, please be sure to make sufficient preparations before challenging after reaching level 60.

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