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It seems that the Amazon Games Studio development team was not only solving various problems in the game some time ago, but also trying to release some updates that can please players. According to the news released on the official website of New World MMO, players will not only receive an update titled Into the Void, but also PTR to test new features. In addition, in order to solve the current economic downturn in the game, the developers have added many new quests and updates to improve the quality of life. We have reason to believe that after this major update, Aeternum will look more enjoyable.

PTR, also known as the Public Test Realm, will be open to players who have purchased a copy of New World. PTR is an independent server with limited available content and is mainly Amazon New World Coins used to let players know in advance how some new features work. As long as you purchase the New World game and update the game after the next update is released, you will find a new New World standalone application in your Steam library. You can download it and enter the server to create a new custom character, which will come with a series of gears. It is worth noting that this role will not be retained forever, it will be cleaned up before the next test.

The first test that PTR is about to usher in is the Into the Void update, and a Void Gauntlet will appear as a new usable weapon in the PTR. The weapon can not only cause damage, but also provide players with powerful support capabilities, such as strengthening the player's Intelligence and Focus stats. The two trees of this weapon are the Annihilation and the Decay tree. The former allows you to summon Void Blades, and enemies attacked by Void Blades will be corrupted. The latter will allow your character to gain healing abilities, and after reaching a higher level, it can also cause debuffs to the enemy.

For those players who have no quests to accept, the new questline will make them excited. These guys are real villains and built their own war camp and fort on the island of Aeternum. In order to prevent these people from further disrupting the balance on the island, players need to understand the enemy's movements in the questline and try to stop them. In addition, a new member has been added to the Raiders camp, from beetles to pirate alligators to ancient guardians.

Although New World is still experiencing new problems, I believe that the introduction of PTR will make New World better in the future. Before the New World Coins vulnerabilities of the new content are discovered and abused by players, the development team should be able to discover and prevent these problems in the PTR.

I really need a lot of New World Coins. After talking with a few friends, I visited and tried to place an order. About ten minutes later, I got the New World Coins I ordered in the game. I believe that the New World Coins they sell are obtained manually by real players.

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