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Compared with most popular traditional MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, the interface of New World MMO developed by Amazon can be called simple. But players are very respectful of this, because the clean interface allows them to avoid dealing with dozens of skill shortcut bars. Of course, in this case, players are still complaining about a problem-lack of in-game minimap guidance, they are very easy to get lost. This is very inconvenient for players who lack time, because they basically need to spend twice the extra time to find the right way to the target location.

That's why two players of New World went ahead and built their own minimap themselves.

Redditor Morbrid and their friend built their own minimap that effectively shows some of the game's standard map within alittle portion of the screen in the least times, removing the trouble of getting to open up the most map itself. It appears fully functional, showing the situation of vendors, resource nodes and letting you center and out at will.

"One of the foremost common complaints at the instant is that the map isn't easy to use when in towns - its always zoomed out, otherwise you can't see anything thanks to the "Upcoming War" message," Morbrid wrote. "I teamed New World Coins up with my friend to create a minimap to assist improve on the map interface, stop us getting lost in towns and make it a touch more efficient to farm resources while out questing."

Judging from the comments, it looks like many players are relieved to search out an alternate to constantly opening and shutting the most map. But it's currently uncertain whether New World even allows these Cheap New World Coins styles of addons—the lack of minimap appears to be a deliberate choice, and therefore the game's Terms of Service are vague on where the sport draws the road between cheats and UI mods like this.

With the help of Newworldcoins, players can directly spend money to buy New World Coins and then get the items they want. This is very convenient, so the service of is welcomed by players. And the company also has a 24-hour online customer service to help users solve problems encountered during the purchase process.

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