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In the period immediately after the release of New World MMO, many servers were congested due to the excessive number of players. Many players therefore cannot choose which server they want to join. In order to comfort these players, the development team has stated that it will provide free server transfers so that they can transfer characters when the server is no longer crowded. But now game developers say that the cross-realm moves promised before will not be realized, mainly due to technical reasons.

The launch of recent World was a touch of a large number. Overwhelming interest in Amazon's colonial-themed MMO led to crowded servers with massive queues, to which Amazon Games responded by rapidly opening new servers. Players who found themselves separated from their friends were assured by a launch-day New World Coins news update that they'd be ready to transfer servers free in period of time more or less, after the initial rush slowed. The game's official Twitter account assured players that they'd be able to transfer to different regions at no cost additionally. Some players simply opted to form characters in numerous regions to avoid waiting in hours-long queues to log in.

However, in an exceedingly "Server Transfer update" posted on the New World forums on Friday, developers let players know that the free transfer tokens that were presupposed to be distributed in the week were visiting be delayed. per the post, the transfer process isn't quite ready for (Amazon) time.

Fair enough. i might rather wait a small amount longer than risk my level 32 character getting mangled within the transfer process and having to start out over. The delay isn't great news, but it is not the tip of the New World...,at least for players who must transfer between servers within the same region.

I add that caveat because it seems that players who opted to make and level characters on servers in several regions are shit out of luck. Say you reside in North America and created a personality on a eu server so you'll play at midnight while most of Europe was sleeping.

So if you've a personality in one region and need to play together with your friends in another, you have to begin a brand new character. you'll need to re-harvest all those vegetables, re-cut all those trees, re-mine all that ore, and redo all the quests. If the thought of doing those things everywhere again doesn't cause you to Buy New World Coins want to require a nap, you are a stronger person than I.

Needless to mention, players are angry, as they need every right to be when a developer or publisher tweets out misinformation which it later must take back. Slow your roll, Amazon Games. New World has only been live for 2 weeks. Get to grasp the players a bit better before you screw them.

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