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It isn't easy to endure losing the relationship that was dear to you, especially around the holiday season. The decision of "breaking up", when you're not sure if you're able to agree to the final decision, is similarly empowering. Everyone experiences this kind of sadness that can be expressed only as "being left behind" though there are other terms used like being betrayed, abandoned, lying to, betrayed, and many other phrases which leave you feeling sad and gloomy in the most esoteric part of yourself. What can you do to overcome these feelings is the most frequent issue posed by those who have been who is left in the dust. The answers are sought in many ways. Love for the rebound is extremely typical, as well as having a drink, eating out for know the pattern. Every answer, once selected, are a nagging thought at the rear of your mind that it is completely wrong. So , what's the best way to answer this question?

Is the answer as easy as examining what's the best for you? What are your priorities? What is it that makes you truly happy? You may not be happy at the moment however, you are at the core, you're satisfied. In hindsight, there is the idea that you could want to think about whether or not your relationship was truly content. Was the connection founded on? Perhaps a feeling of belonging that has evolved in time? Based on sexual intimacy (and it's a relation in the end, that may never lead to anything positive)? It was based on a simple feeling of wanting to feel loved, appreciated and desired? Did it stem from trust integrity, honesty, friendship compassion, loyalty forgiveness, understanding, and most importantly love? These are the issues you should consider regarding how your answers compare to your values and standards of a loving, happy and dedicated relationship.

It's difficult, I am sure, to want to hold onto anyone who does not want to keep you. The very idea of marriage, when you're in the marriage, could cause an irreparable loss to the person who is left behind, as you hold on to the sacredness of your marriage and the security that it was created to provide in a holy relationship. But, God did not wish to see anyone be in an "loveless" bond no matter which stage of relationship it is at. Being faithful and true will not guarantee that the other person is equally loyal. Being angry and resentful too, won't "heal" a relationship that is in trouble. Beliefs about yourself and sense of self-worth can help you to follow the path of finding answers that help you understand and lead you towards moving on to an optimistic direction.

Understanding yourself is the most important thing. By not bending your beliefs of what is most beneficial for you is a way to keep your faith, a more profound perception of yourself and a slack surrender to the relationship which might need to be considered as a contradiction to who you are as a person. is you as a person or sibling, an person who is walking in Christ and as an individual searching for their ideal love partner. It is possible that the "whys" of it all could lead to an incessant doubt that the answer lies in the person who has left? It's not that simple. You wish to be loved and loved be loved, share joy and happiness and experience the challenges and triumphs making you more enlightened for it. To become partners that are based on shared beliefs and trust integrity, honesty, forgiveness love and vulnerability. If the scale is tilted and the balance isn't anymore there as the storms keep getting worse and you are in need of a fresh perspective, it's time to examine what at your own needs and beliefs and see that departure is beneficial to you as in the end you'd like to have to find a balance that is solid, strong and constant. Consistency is the most important thing.

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It is not right to speak of the faith we have in Christ. With Christ everything is possible. If we are following His way and following His example, we are standing on firm ground. A solid rock. If not, we're walking on sand quick sand that is. It's as simple as that. What's your rock like? Are you standing on firm ground, or does your foundation shaking at the moment? If you're in need of somebody to speak to or you'd like to know more about my philosophy on standing on solid rock.

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