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Cargoes include valuable items for both the donor and the recipient. That package can have a very high monetary value but low emotional equity, or it might have a very high emotional value but little monetary value for the recipient. Consider, for example, a shipment of medications for patients in a new drug trial that are time- or temperature-sensitive. There is no way to measure the worth of those drugs to the patients who are on them or to the millions of people who stand to gain from the trial's outcomes. The contents are required to be secured appropriately, regardless of whether the value is real or subjective.

In the realm of transport logistics, you can confirm your valuable shipments arrive safely. Check your current procedures against the following four guidelines to ensure you're utilizing the variety of simple and sophisticated solutions available for protecting shipments:


Require reassurance 

Package delivery services frequently permit individual couriers a large amount of latitude in deciding where and when to leave things when recipients are unavailable. Value-added solutions like time-definite deliveries that require a signature at delivery or letting the receiver manage package tracking and delivery are great choices if you need an extra layer of protection.


Make use of reliable partners

When it comes to manufacturing, warehousing services, fulfillment, and package delivery, you must always collaborate with trustworthy partners. Make the effort to search for someone with whom you will be working. Check their insurance plans, talk with references, tour their premises, and stay in constant communication with your sales force. You'll feel more confident in the security of your items after doing your due diligence, and this confidence will translate to other aspects of your enterprise.


Keep in touch

You can track a package's security closely from the dock to the doorstep, even after it has left your hands. Shippers can now precisely track the movement and environmental conditions of valuable shipments in almost real-time because of the advanced sensor-based technology. These conditions include defined route adherence or deviation, temperature and humidity, light exposure, excessive shaking or jostling, and more. Cryogenic and/or dry ice probe compatibility, which allows for the monitoring of deep-frozen materials hundreds of degrees below zero, is even provided by certain technologies. Shippers and recipients get more assurance that items are being managed in accordance with the accurate guidelines set forth when information of this caliber is available. It's knowledge that can make the difference between a viable drug and a failed drug trial, or between an aircraft in flight and one that is grounded while waiting for a crucial component that was misplaced en route.


Decide when it makes sense to specialize

In the realm of transport logistics, certain shipments, like those containing valuable fine art, hazardous materials, or vast quantities of temperature-sensitive commodities, need nothing less than extraordinary, special handling. In such a situation, send in special shipment experts. If you select this option, your shipment is transported by a crew that is solely concerned with confirming its safe package delivery from beginning to end, using a dedicated vehicle or aircraft.


Although this specialized service has a corresponding price point, it may be a good choice for items that require transportation with an extraordinary degree of care and protection. Does your shipping security plan make sense? Next time you have cargo that needs additional protection during transit, think about experimenting with some of these value-added options. Your package delivery options will confirm to you and the receivers that their package is valued.


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