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Profacgen, a biotechnology company specialized in providing custom protein services in the biological sciences, launched a GMP Grade Stable Cell Line Development System capable of improving protein expression and yield of cells while meeting special requirements, such as label-free expression and serum-free suspension culturing. It can shorten 1/2 of the development timeline for stable cell lines.


Stable strains have the following characteristics: appropriate host cells, a clear source of host cells, no intellectual property disputes, sufficient monoclonal evidence, single cell image data recording, high yield, competitive production cost, good cell line stability, and a stability test that covers the entire production cycle.


Based on its customers’ needs, scientists at Profacgen begin with expression vector production, then transfect it into the host cell to produce a high expression cell pool, and then proceed with analysis and screening. Ultimately, they obtain a high expression stable cell line while delivering high-quality cell line development services along the process.


Platform advantages:

•  Latest technology: double resistance screening system and improved success rate for high expression stable cell line construction

•  Rigorous cell source: traceable cell sources and commercialized culture mediums

•  Broad expression objective: recombinant mAbs, proteins, and related fragments

•  Stable & high yield: recombinant mAb can reach 8 g/L, 2-4×107 cell/mL

•  Technical support available throughout the whole process



· Clone screening

· Establishment and verification of master cell bank (MCB)

· Characterization and stability test of master cell bank (MCB)

· Gene stability test of master cell bank (MCB)

· Establishment and verification of working cell bank (WCB)

· Characterization and stability test of working cell bank (WCB)

· Gene stability test of working cell bank (WCB)

· Cell bank transfer


“We have an efficient, rapid and stable recombinant protein expression system GMP compliant production to help you achieve faster time to market.” Said Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen. “And we will continue to update our systems to meet diversified needs.”


To know more detailed information about the GMP grade stable cell line development service provided by Profacgen, please visit


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