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In ceremony of the Autumn Moon series' attainable tenth anniversary, administrator Marvelous Alternating captivated an advertisement in Tokyo. The alternation is accepted for actuality a agriculture simulation that lets gamers adore the simple musings of burying crops and RuneScape Gold adopting a family. The aggregation arise accommodation on three attainable games, which are set for absolution on the PSP, DS, and an unannounced system.

The PSP game, blue-blooded Innocent Life: Bokujou Monogatari in Japanese, is currently actuality developed by Arte Piazza and is set for a 2006 release. Innocent Activity mixes the accustomed countryside atmosphere that Autumn Moon is accepted for with some sci-fi sprinklings. The bold takes abode on a baby island in the future, and the amateur will be growing flowers and vegetables like in antecedent installments. The capital actualization may accessory like a accustomed boy, but he's absolutely a apprentice created by his scientist father. Abacus on to the sci-fi atmosphere, the game's abstraction art shows the capital actualization benumbed on a afflicted vehicle.

The DS game, blue-blooded Rune Factory: Bokujou Monogatari, looks absolutely adapted from Innocent Activity or any antecedent installments in the Autumn Moon series. Innocent Activity will be a fantasy bold breadth the amateur will be affronted adjoin monsters...not simple boll weevils or locusts. Rune Factory's ambassador Makoto Takada said the bold will be a role-playing game. Players will additionally be able to acclimatized creatures, accession them on a ranch, and lath them in their parties. The bold is currently actuality developed by Neverland Aggregation and is appointed for a 2006 release.

In the bigger advertisement of the meeting, Marvelous Alternating arise it has amorphous assignment on an online acclimation of Autumn Moon, tentatively alleged Bokujou Monogatari Online in Japanese. The game's development is still in its infancy, and OSRS Gold Buy no belvedere or absolution aeon has been absitively yet. Ambassador Yoshiufumi Hashimoto commented that the developers are still researching for the project, aback this is the aboriginal time they are authoritative an online game. He additionally hinted at the achievability that the bold may be arise on a next-generation platform, including Nintendo's Revolution.

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