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Bhagya Lakshmi 16th May 2022 New Episode Written Update. This article will cover all the major twists that are going to happen in today’s episode.

Malishka tells Rishi that she is happy for her and Vikrant’s relationship. She also tells him to stop thinking about her and concentrate on his work.

1. Lakshmis Business Rivalry Intensifies

Lakshmi is a kind and naive Punjabi Hindu girl from a village who believes in helping others. She is close to her mother Ama and her baby brother, Tali, as well as her goat. Her stepfather makes her work as a sex slave, but she is determined to help her family and provide them with a better life.

Then, she hears about a rich woman from the city named Gita who has helped other villagers like herself. She is eager to see this woman. At the next festival, her stepfather sells Lakshmi to this city woman for eight hundred rupees. She has no idea what she is getting into, but is happy to get the money for her family.

After the sale, the woman takes her through several villages and finally to a large city. On the way, Lakshmi sees other girls who are in her same situation, but she doesn’t pay attention and thinks they are movie stars. She feels proud of herself for being the first in her family to go to the city. Upon arriving, the woman takes her to her new home and gives her new clothes and shoes. She names herself Auntie, and Lakshmi considers her to be a family member.

Initially, Lakshmi’s life is hard at the brothel. She is able to save some of the money from her customers, but she still needs more to buy a tin roof for her house. She tries to keep up her appearance, and the other girls are willing to help. They tame her unkempt hair, and give her lipstick and nail polish. They even take her downstairs to see television for the first time, and Lakshmi finds it fascinating.

One night, Lakshmi grows sick with fever and chills. She lies down to sleep, and is woken by a sound. Her aunt tells her she is faking, but Lakshmi insists she is ill.BhagyaLakshmi Written Update

Eventually, Lakshmi finds out that she will need to work for at least another year before she can be free of Mumtaz’s debt. She is disappointed, but she does her best to stay positive.

2. Lakshmi Accuses Rishi Of Putting Her Life In Danger

Rishi weeps beside Lakshmi in the hospital and asks her not to put her life in danger for him. She tries to tell him she doesn’t love him but he says that if he loves her, then she should do what is best for her. He also recalls Virendra’s words that she should remember his feelings for her and not Malishka. Lakshmi tries to tell him that she doesn’t think that and she knows that she is not his wife.

The doctor warns that she may lose her memory because of the internal injuries. Lakshmi is worried that she will never get well if she keeps putting her life in danger for him. The nurses and doctors try to calm her down but she insists that she isn’t putting herself in any danger. She then reminds them that she is in the same hospital that he has been in many times before.

Lakshmi realises that she is in danger and that her life is at risk. She tries to tell her family but she cannot speak and gets up from the bed. She runs to the door and tries to open it but a security guard catches her. He then calls the police. Lakshmi tries calling her brother but cannot reach him either. She then calls the emergency number and a police officer comes to take her to the hospital.

When she gets to the hospital, a doctor informs her that her injuries are severe. He also advises her to rest and take care of herself. She is advised to come back home. Lakshmi tries reaching her house but she collapses in front of the hospital. She is rushed to the hospital and treated.

Lakshmi accuses her family of neglecting her but her mother tries to calm her down. She then asks Lakshmi to help her with a plan and reveals that she is planning to marry Gautam. Lakshmi agrees and helps her with the preparations.

Malishka feels jealous of her sister’s relationship with Gautam. She creates a scene and threatens to ruin it. Later, she meets Gautam and asks him to stop contacting her. She also mentions that her relationship with Rishi is over and he isn’t interested in her.

3. Rishi Asks Lakshmi How She Feels About Their Relationship

The Zee TV popular show, Bhagya Lakshmi has grabbed the attention of many viewers and is creating quite a buzz. The show revolves around Lakshmi, a selfless girl who always puts others before herself. It stars Aishwarya Khare as the protagonist and Rohit Suchanti and Uday Tikekar as her co-stars. The show is directed by Ekta Kapoor and produced by Balaji Telefilms. It has been running successfully for the past years.

In the latest episode, viewers will witness Lakshmi’s desire to be with Malishka. She tells Rishi about her dreams and asks him why he married her in the first place. Meanwhile, the Gujrals compliment her on the delicious dinner and he overhears her telling him that she is not a good match for him.

After listening to this, Rishi becomes enraged and wants her to leave him immediately. He tries to make her understand that she will not be happy in his life post-Malishka but she is not willing to listen. He tries to hold her but she pulls away and tries to leave the house.

She then calls Malishka and cries saying that she has hurt her foot. She asks if the pain is getting better and says that she is worried about her engagement. She also tells her that she has been feeling numb and is unable to move her body.

Neelam comes and hugs her but she tells her to take some rest. She also asks if she can help her with anything but she refuses. Neelam then takes the ring and starts to clean it but catches her and tells her to be careful.

Later, Rishi finds out about the ring and tells her that he does not want to keep it in his home. She tries to convince him that it is not about the ring but her feelings for him. He says that he is not leaving her and wants to stay with her until the end of their life.

Lakshmi is shocked by Rishi’s words and walks into the waiting area with tears in her eyes. She then picks up the card and reads it out loud.

4. Lakshmi Asks Rishi To Let Malishka Put The Lep On Neelam

Lakshmi feels suffocated in her house and wants to go on a sex drive with Malishka. She asks her sisters to let her go but they say no. She tells them that she is getting married and he is a good guy. She also calls him jiju. Shalu and Kiran argue with her but she tells them that she will be happy with him.

Rishi gets to know about her feelings and is shocked. He tries to get her back but she refuses. She says that if she was not engaged to him, she would have asked him to end the relationship. He tries to explain his feelings but she still refuses. She tells him that she loves him and he should admit it.

He apologizes to her but she is not satisfied with his apology. She explains that she cannot marry him and ends their conversation.

Later, Lakshmi notices that Rishi is being attacked by the crocodile and runs to save him. She stabs the crocodile and frees him. Afterwards, she reaches hospital and tells her family members that Rishi is stable.

The family members are astonished by her bravery. The Doctor also confirms that Rishi is out of danger and he credits her will power for saving him.

Rishi is astonished to hear that and he goes to meet her in the hospital. Lakshmi is astonished to see that he has changed a lot and he says that she was the only reason that he survived.

When she returns home, Virender greets her and she tells him that she will never leave him. He then asks her to prepare haldi milk and lep for him. She does so and he drinks it. She also applies that lep on his wounds. He is moved by her care and hugs her.

He also invites her to his Roka party but she declines. She explains that she feels that it is not a suitable time to get married. He insists that she will come and he tells her that it is written in her destiny.

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