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Path of Exile is a quite fantastic game, only when players have enough PoE Currency can have a better gaming experience. However, in many cases, the player's Poe currency is not enough, so they can use various methods to get the required Poe currency.

Play the game more

Play the game more you'll make currency in Path of Exile. No matter if you're playing a game for one hour or ten hours a day, the more efficient you play the game the, more currency you'll be making.


Some elitists may look down on farming, but there’s no denying the fact that it’s perhaps the most lucrative venture one can undertake. In this regard, the Delve League probably stands out the most as it offers the most ways for players to earn currency. Simply farm fossils as much as you can and you’re sure to fill your virtual pockets with tons of currency. A word of advice: Since time is of the essence in games like Path of Exile, we highly recommend that you sell them in bulk so you won’t have to waste time with the nitty-gritty of things.

Get a good loot filter

No matter if you're playing a game for one hour or ten hours a day, the more efficient you play the game the more currency you'll be making. Now running a map with a bad loot filter is a very good example of this as you'll be overloading bad loot or being forced to check whatever drops before you decide what to pick up, and therefore it is then resulting in you wasting your time. So fixing your loot filter is key to being mapping efficiently or playing the game efficiently as is and the easiest way to solve this is get a better loot filter. You can do that with an amazing tool called, check out the website in there you can just use the standardized filter. Once you get more accustomed to the game and then changing your filter as you progress to have a more strict filter as your character gets up in a higher level will help you decipher out these bad drops.


Crafting is something that needs a lot of experience. I am playing a lot of different builds, and I never buy rare items out of poe trade because I love to create them myself. I know that sometimes I’m going to make a lot of currency on certain items, but sometimes, I lose a lot of currency. For example, after I spent 70 exalted orb on a shield, I found it was only worth 3 exalted orb on poe trade. On the other hand, in the Betrayal league, I had some lucky craft. I crafted a chest and sold it for 100 exalted orbs, but my investment in that chest is only less than 1 exalted orb.

So, crafting in based on luck. You may invest a little bit but get a super big reward out of it just because you hit certain mods that are super rare on certain base items, or you may invest a lot but just never hit it. You could make a lot of Path of Exile currency by crafting, but you need to have a good amount of experience for it.

Poe Currency Flipping

Any player familiar with trading can potentially make thousands of Chaos Orbs in currency by flipping items. This can work in a variety of ways, but the most common tactic is to purchase items that are undervalued and sell them for a higher asking price. Flipping items can also include completing Prophecies that grant higher-value items or purchasing key fragments to run endgame bosses that drop items infinitely more valuable. This tip is mainly dependent on current league trends, so keep an eye out for any strange economic patterns that can be exploited.

Offering services to other players

Another efficient way of making currency in POE 3.12 is services. Offering various services to other players, such as killing a boss or offering a specific craft for them for a certain fee. It is profitable if you are lazy and this currency farming method is not that boring.


Delve is a league mechanic that involves players exploring a procedurally-generated cave that branches forever. To Delve, players must first acquire Sulphite for Niko. Sulfite can be found from Maps, Niko Master missions, and through the use of Sulphite Scarabs on Maps.

When players decide to Delve, try to get as deep into the mine as possible—preferably reaching around Depth 200. Use as much Sulphite as possible heading horizontally through the cave at this depth. Once complete, explore the path by heading into dark passages, looking for any destructible walls and caches to open. These areas can provide currency drops, fossils, as well as valuable resonators that can go for up to 30 Chaos a piece. Once a player sets up their Delve, it is easily one of the most profitable activities in the game.

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