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“I lost all my readers to hook”, is a concern widely spread among the writing community, specifically the new writers. In this digital age, where the rapid change and development of different technologies have shifted human sensibility to quick response and action, engaging your audience is very necessary yet tricky especially when you are assigned the task of essay writing particularly.

Essay writing is one of the most demanding projects by educational institutes as well as by different organizations. The grip on essay writing is very necessary for an essay writer to impress the teachers or boss who in this case are the readers.

One of the most engaging elements of the first line of my essay, while I am bound to write my paper in the form of a strong persuasive or argumentative essay based on facts and figures, is an initially interesting yet interactive statement to attract the reader, known as a “Hook statement”.

To begin your essay and its first line with a pinch of curiosity that develops the oomph factor in your audience you need to start your essay with a hook. This hook enables your reader to cling to the writing and you get an extra margin to impress them with your writing skills.

As the importance of a hook in the first line is established, you need to make sure that you use different hooks repeatedly in the essay. In this way, the reader will not just have momentary curiosity but will enjoy the whole essay. After that, you can follow the following tips to know the mechanics of hooks and their subsequent usage in the essay.

Identification of Essay type:

First and foremost, you need to evaluate the type of essay that you are working on, either by yourself or through the instructor's guidance.

Your essay might be





Compare and contrast

Persuasive essay

It is necessary to keep in view the basic information on which you are going to base your argument because the type and demand of hooks vary according to the essay’s requirements. This identification answers the question of ‘what kind of hook do I need to write my essay?’’. Let us look into some of the types of hooks and their nature which might vary according to the need of the essay:

Use an Inverted Pyramid: 

In an analytical academic essay, make use of an inverted pyramid where you first introduce a broad understanding of the topic and then gradually orient your reader toward the thesis statement. This technique is helpful because it gives the reader motivation to read the essay and buys you some time as a writer to establish your argument systematically. For instance, if you are working on the topic of revenge in Hamlet, then as a hook, talk about revenge in general life and then move on to a specific thesis statement of revenge in Hamlet.

Use Statistical Data:

As a hook in an argumentative essay, start with a fact or stats to make the reader curious about the connection between the hook and the rest of the essay. Like, if you again take the example of Hamlet and you add statistical information about the negative effect of revenge on people, the reader will be interested in knowing how revenge negatively impacted Hamlet. Therefore, your purpose of attracting the reader will be fulfilled.

Add a Personal Element:

While writing a descriptive essay, connect your readers by starting the discussion by sharing any personal experience. In this way, the reader will stick to the essay to find out how your experience relates to the topic itself. In the discussion of revenge in Hamlet, if you add a personal story about the negative influence of revengeful feelings in your life and later connect it with the negative impact on Hamlet’s life, then you will score brownie points from the reader. You can seek assistance from a professional to do my essay for me at a cheap price.

Add an Anecdote:

Similarly, in writing a descriptive essay you can also use anecdotes as a hook. It grabs the attention of readers because you have used a story to make your point. This story can be a true historical story or can be purely fictional, but it serves the purpose of sticking the reader to the essay itself. For example, if you add the story of an emperor who faced problems in his life because of revenge and relates it to Hamlet in the following lines of the introduction, then the reader would want to know the details of how similarly or differently Hamlet was impacted by the emperor.

These types of hook statements, varying according to the type of essay, must have provided some basic information to cater to the needs of a reader and attract him simultaneously. However, if any of you is still not sure when, why, where and what should you start your essay with, you can consult some essay writing service to get better guidance and produce your essay with more polished language and effective details.

Although many of you might believe it is a proper academic paper, why should you begin writing it with an informal tone at the very start of the essay? You might be right but many of you out there must know that one of the major characteristics of a good essay is that it attracts the reader. If the start of the essay seems boring, or typical, not even you as a writer would want to give it a read. Be productive, try researching and including the kind of information that is unique yet interesting and authentic to the reader. The rest will be fine.

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