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The skills structure of Diablo 4 has also evolved. As someone who played all the Diablo games, it took some time to get used to Diablo IV Gold. The various options offered to players give them the ability to modify their game for specific gameplay styles, but they won't cause newbies to feel lost. As an Barbarian I could decide to focus on dual-wielding weapons to perform faster attacks that do more bleeding damage, or use an slashing weapon that is two-handed in order to perform the spinning attack that lets me carve through huge groups of enemies. The tree appeared to be an endless array of attacks however there was a reason to it all , just as it was used in previous Diablo games.

As expected in a Diablo game, there numerous dungeons available to be able to clear in Diablo 4. but the game's open world feature adds an extra layer of mystery to the proceedings. It was quite a surprise when I found myself on a mountain and found an option of "climb down" and then go to another section within the area.

Although it's not an extensive large open world, like Elden Ring or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it was intriguing to have a broader land to explore. The previous Diablo games featured dynamically generated maps that were big, yet were limited. Although Fractured Peak was still restricted yet it didn't feel like I was restricted to an area. There are horses available for purchase but only after completing the quest, which is available later on.

While playing the build I was fascinated by the story of Diablo 4 and how it played, which isn't what I felt in Diablo 3 where it was the game's gameplay that kept me returning but the plot was gone. Add to that an open world and I was even more eager to explore buy Diablo 4 Gold, while also imagining how I can build my Barbarian. It's that combination of story and gameplay that makes my experience from Diablo 4 so interesting and should be the same for all fans when the game comes out.

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By anqilan
Added Jan 6 '23


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