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However, it is not a favorite game for folks to play because it demands a whole lot of gear, but there are amateur soccer or flag soccer teams in every city and most universities. I myself played for 5+ years and then coached my college's group for two decades. Who cares why they're doing this, can we at least respect that they're doing something? I imagine they already sent media policy material to various publications in preparation of launching that Madden 21 coins trailer, and rather they're most likely spending a great deal of time sending emails to state they are delaying it. Edit: Seeing a great deal of comments that are such as: Properly they are doing nothing. To that, I will just answer, they might still do less by just softly pushing back any proposed trailer reveals, which this remains a business twitter which means somebody had to find the tweet approved on some level, which means someone did something. It is not a great deal, but ... Still something.

Some art guy somewhere spent 15 minutes putting platitudes on a black background and they tweeted it out. I have seen a dozen of these already and it's about as easy as placing on the rainbow icons for pleasure. It is promotion during a catastrophe by trying to appear sympathetic. Maybe, but I still think that it's something. Half the replies I found on Twitter were people freaking out about it. The one I liked the most was,"But video games are an ideal distraction for stressful times such as these!"

But police brutality and NFL are two themes which have been pretty nicely merged with each other these last few years because of all the protests. And there are a good amount of football fans who do not"make it" (see Mike Pence, or spend more than 5 minutes with my conservative father in law), so even if it's only a trailer to get a ridiculous Cheap Mut 21 coins game, I'll take it. Maybe it'll help knock some sense into somebody. Otherwise, perhaps it is going to piss off them, I'm fine with that also, because fuck em. And they also could have achieved nothing. They might have waited a couple weeks for it to blow over and released it then. This way gets the message out there, even if they've silly business motives, it is better than nothing. There's many businesses and lots of celebrities doing and saying nothing. I respect anyone who's speaking up.

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By Kingang
Added Dec 4 '20


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