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There is no need for festivals or special days to gift the ladies in your life a gift. While there are many gift options for you to select a gift, nothing beats the beauty of jewellery for women.  I know you must be thinking, ‘There are so many jewellery and designs, which one should I choose?’. Yeah, we get that choosing jewellery is like choosing what to eat from the menu of your favorite restaurant. Everything is delicious, but you can only choose a few items. Everything may seem tempting, but they might not fit your p... more
Moldavite- Empower the inner self with the powerful vibration energy of the forest green color Moldavite jewelry. It's also famous as the Stone of Transformation due to its superb quality to eradicate negative energy with positive ones. Move on from past traumatic memories by wearing a lovely Moldavite Ring.
Moldavite Jewelry is a natural glass mineral formed due to a meteorite impact 15 million years ago in the regions of the Czech Republic. So sometimes, the stone is called the stone from Stars and planets. The crystal comes in many shades of green, olive green, and bluish-green with an Isotropic structure. The Moldavite stone is known as "the stone of transformation, that transfers positive and natural energies to its users. It has a powerful energy to strengthen your inner capabilities and spiritual awakening. However, it is not a tr... more