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Sophie Cruz
In the magical realm of gemstones, where beauty and allure rule supreme, one gem stands above all others, emitting the ethereal beauty that rules over everyone's heart, and when it comes to choosing a piece of gemstone jewelry, it is the name that always comes in mind, known to be the Queen of gemstones for a reason, that's Opal the stunning gemstone with an ethereal glow has the title of Queen of the gemstone. William Shakespeare gives the title in his play Twelfth Night; between 1601 and 1602, he mentioned Opal as a miracle and ... more
Sophie Cruz May 31 '23 · Tags: opal
Sophie Cruz
The beauty of gemstones is undeniable and has allured people since antiquity. There are many gemstones, but only a few are as brilliant as opal and moonstone. Although they are sometimes mistaken for one another, real opal and moonstone have a quality that is unique. They have a typical milky sheen, but you can differentiate between these jewels based on a number of factors, including their meaning, their magical healing abilities, and their outward appearance. The beauty of these stones can be extremely mesmerising thus making i... more
Sophie Cruz May 16 '23 · Tags: moonstone, opal