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Elite 30W Surge Protected LED Flood Light AC220V 2950 LumenLike a featherweight boxer, this floodlight can take, and give, a few punches. The Mesmerize Elite Floodlight has been equipped with the powerful Osram Optoelectronics SMD2835 LEDs that emit up to 100lm/w at a 110° beam angle.Get more news about Anti-surge Flood Light,you can vist our website!The robust built-in driver comes with a surge protection of between 1KV to 2KV depending which product in the series you choose. The new patented housing has an ADC12 graded-alumin... more
High Quality and Anti-Surge Protection LED Flood Light 10W IP65 The IP rate of Dandelion floodlight is IP66, which meets industry and national standards. According to the test, our product can withstand the impact of wind and rain from all directions, but it cannot work under water. The first number of IP66 means the dustproof level, 6 means complete protection against dust.Get more news about Anti-surge Flood Light,you can vist our website! intrusion. The latter number means the waterproof grade, and 6 means preventing large waves... more
Our new LED stadium lights 1000W is Low-profile, lightweight, powerful and reliable. Designed with high protection level up to IP67, High impact resistance, high vibration resistance and Anti 17-level wind power.Get more news about Anti-surge Flood Light,you can vist our website! Wide wattage options of 300W 400W 500W 600W 750W 950W 1200W replacing metal halide/high pressure sodium of 1000~2500W with a 100,000 hours lifespan. High lumen efficiency of up to 128LM/W, flicker free, and options of CRI>90, TLCI>90, meetin... more