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Payal Rajput
Tractors have been an integral part of the Indian agriculture sector since the mid-20th century. The history of tractors in India is a fascinating one, with several factors contributing to the growth of this industry. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the history of tractors in India and how they have transformed the Indian agriculture landscape. The Beginning of Tractors in India The first tractors in India were imported in the 1940s, mainly from the United States. These tractors were primarily used for larg... more
Today, small-scale to large-scale farmers use a variety of agricultural machinery to complete a variety of duties at farms. It can be difficult to imagine tasks being finished on schedule for farming operations on big farms. Agricultural machinery has played a significant role in transforming the agricultural industry. These machines have helped farmers increase their productivity, reduce labor costs, and improve efficiency. The use of agricultural machinery has revolutionized the way we grow crops and raise livestock, making f... more