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In this Deserts post in Rajasthan, 7 desert sand dunes sites are shared in Rajasthan along with all the activities you can do there.

List of 7 desert spots in Rajasthan

1. Desert in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the most beautiful city in Rajasthan's Thar Desert area. You will find large desert areas and the two most prominent desert dunes sites, Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes.

Sam and Khuri have sand dunes that are 30-60 metres tall, which attracts tourists from across India, particularly from Gujarat.

Jaisalmer, together with the 2 dunes sites is a popular tourist attraction. The Golden Fort, also known by Sonar Quila, is one of the most visited attractions. It is also a great place to see other attractions like Gadisar Lake and Amar Sagar, Jaisalmer War Museum, etc.

You can also view the details below:

Desert Safari In Sam Sand Dunes

Khuri Sand Dunes

Places to Visit in Jaisalmer.

Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer

desert dunes at Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is the most popular desert destination in Thar Rajasthan. The dunes, Sam Sand Dunes & Khuri Sand Dune, are very popular with travellers to Jaisalmer.

Sam is approximately 45 km from Jaisalmer City & Dunes. Here you'll find 30-60 metre high sand dunes within a 3 - 5 km desert area with very little vegetation.

Sam is the main area with no trees and only sand dunes. It's the ideal place for those looking for an authentic Rajasthani desert holiday.

How do you reach Sam Sand Dunes?

You will need to book a Taxi Service In Jaisalmer-to-Sam taxi. It costs around Rs 1500 to 2000 round trip and takes about 40-50 minutes.

You can do the following activities once you're here:

Jaisalmer Camel safari

Jaisalmer Jeep Safari

View of the best sunset in India

Quad bikes and Dune bashing

Parasailing Safari In Jaisalmeretc.

Khuri Sand Dunes (Jaisalmer)

You will find a popular sand dunes area called Khuri Sand dunes, located 33 km south from Sam sand Dunes and 45 km away from Jaisalmer.

Khuri is a popular safari spot in Jaisalmer. Here, travellers like to stay in small homes and take walks on the sand dunes.

How do you get to Khuri Sand Dunes?

Hire a taxi in Jaisalmer and drive to Khuri (50 km south-west of the city).

A trip can also be planned as:

Arrive in Sam in day 1 around 3-4 pm

Stay for one night at one of the many desert campsand enjoy Sam.

The next day, drive 45 minutes from Sam to Khuri just before sunrise.

You can also explore the sand dunes of Sam & Khuri by following the above-mentioned plan.

Although Khuri Sand Dunes are more tourist-friendly than others, it is this remote location that makes Khuri so appealing.

Please also see our post on Sand dunes at Jaisalmer

2. Desert in Jodhpur

Jodhpur, located 260km east of Jaisalmer, is the third most prominent Thar Desert region. Although most of the Jodhpur region is covered in greenery, there is one wonder: Jodhpur Jaisalmer has been rated a perfect desert. Its:

Osian desert (Jodhpur)

The desert of Osian, located about 70km from Jodhpur is known for its two temples (Osian Sachiya Mata Templeand a Jain Temple) as well as the desert dunes.

There are only a few desert camps at Osian sand dune. You will also find a few jeep and camel safari tour operators. These dunes are mostly visited by tourists who are visiting Jodhpur and want to experience authentic desert safari activities like Jeep Safari, Camel Safari, etc.

Osian's remote location makes it an attractive destination for peaceful nights in desert camps. This dune area is smaller than the Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer.

How do you reach Osian?

You can either use the public transport system, such as Taxi from Jodhpur, or hire a taxi to get to Osian Sand Dunes. Osian is 67km from Jodhpur and will take you between 1 and 2 hours by taxi Service In Jodhpur.

Osian is best visited between 3-4 p.m., when you can first visit the Osian Mata Temple and then go on a camel or Jeep Safari.

You can also check out Jodhpur taxi services, if you want to hire acar hire in Jodhpurfor Osian.

How do you reach Khimsar Sand Dunes

You can either hire a taxi to get to Khimsar from Jodhpur, or Taxi Service In Jaipur. This will take between 2 and 4 hours. Or you can train to Nagaur railway station which is 45km north of the dunes.

You can also visit nearby attractions like Khimsar Fort, Nagaur Fort, and other attractions, all within easy reach of Khimsar Sand Dunes.

5. Desert in Bikaner

Bikaner, located in central Thar desert and western Rajasthan, is a tourist destination. It is known for its Junagarh Palace, Karni mata temple (where more than 25000 rats can be found) and desert area outside of the city.

Bikaner To is a desert like all the other Rajasthani deserts. Although it has only a few sand dunes, it's spread over a large area and is well-known for its camel safari and camping activities.

You should also plan to visit the National Research Centre for Camels if you want to spend some time with camels and taste camel milk ice-cream. Check

 for more details.

For those looking for desert close to Jaipur and its 140km distance from Jaipur. You can reach it in 3 hours with our Car Hire In Jaipur-Pushkar taxi package.

Activities in Pushkar desert

Pushkar hosts an annual festival every year. It is the largest camel fair in the world. It is the Pushkar Camel Fair, or Pushkar Mela. It takes place in November.

All year round, tourists from India and abroad visit the Pushkar desert area to experience a camel safari (ride) and later a dinner & dancing program in either a desert camp, or in a village.

You can find more information about this camel safari in our Pushkar Camel Safari Package.

Enjoy these activities

In Rajasthan desert (Rajasthan desert tourism)

The state's Palaces, Forts, and Desert dunes have contributed to an increase in tourists visiting Rajasthan. You can enjoy many exciting activities at Thar Desert, such as:

1. Desert safari in Jaisalmer

Camel safari in Jaisalmer

Activities like the following can be enjoyed in Jaisalmer Desert Dunes Area of Sam & Khuri

Camel Safari

Jeep Safari

Dune bashing

Stay in desert camp In Jaisalmer, Tent Camp In Jaisalmer, Desert Camp Jaisalmer

Sam is the ideal location for all of these activities, since you have many safari and camping options.

You will need to first arrive in Jaisalmer and then hire a taxi to get to Sam. It takes 40-50 minutes to drive from Jaisalmer. Enjoy an evening desert safari tour to Sam's sand dunes, and then plan to visit a desert camp for music night. Our:

Jaisalmer desert safari package

Jaisalmer camel safari package

Jaisalmer Jeep safari package

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