I Believe Guthix Can Not Expire If There Is Balance from Kingang's blog

Make a few tips on how I could improve my setup or what stats I should train. Change the ectophial into a Lumbridge tele tabletcomputer, the antipoison you need to change to a super one, d scimmy need to change to a dds or a mace, the def should switch to a super def and replace 2 sharks using a super attack along with OSRS gold a super strength. I will be going f2p in about 5 times and I've sold my member things and landed myself with 2.5 mil, I had been considering heading for 99 fire creating while f2p, or should I put it towards another skill?

I'm gonna need a proposal how to get my Fletching up by the times I catch members. 15k Willow fax Maybe? I have 6k Rune essence for Runecrafting, So I'm gonna be Runing body runes to 44 and Stop there. Smithing is gonna be a whole lot higher because I am gonna be mining over 4k Gold ores and Smith them when gamers using the Gloves that gets you 57 Xp each Gold pub. So Should I Be members? Any stats I need to work on?

I must see what was in the G.e for associates, Really cheap and quite expensive. All these are the quests I have done. Priest in peril = Easy! Waterfall pursuit = WTF I almost got murdered by lvl 84 Mossies when I couldnt wear anything to get inside cavE?!?! Jeeze. Sheep herder = Lol you'll get piss off when you get to the sheep component. Dwarf cannon = Ok but little long. Witch's home = That noob witch teleported me lost me cheeezee! Any Begineers quests I need to do? Lost town? Btw, How can I get my thieving upward or Agility?

O.K., I know I am not the best player out there (just level 86), but I was wondering If Runescape 3 gold I was half decent when it comes to my battle installation? Helm: Berserker Helm. Plate: Torag's Plate -or- Guthan's Plate. Legs: Dragon Platelegs. Shield: Rune Kiteshield (I had been going to get a rune protector, but I might only get an Obsidian Shield.) . Amulet: GLory (4). Gloves: Combat Bracelet (4). Weapon: Dragon Scimitar/Dragon Dagger (P+) I was able to have a whip...

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Mar 21
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By Kingang
Added Nov 9 '20


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