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With the Korean MMO having Lost Ark Gold a hugely successful launch on PC Some might be wondering whether console porting is in Lost Ark's future. The subject was discussed during an interview with Amazon Game's Franchise Manager Soomin Park. While his answer wasn't exactly clear, is appears that console versions are a possibility.

British game journalist Sherif Saed recently interviewed Park on a range of subjects such as publishing rights, the similarities of Lost Ark and Diablo 3 and also the reasons why Lost Ark took so long to arrive in the west. It was in relation to those Diablo 3 comparisons that the question of console ports came up, with Saed noting the game's success on multiple platforms. However, Park wasn't able to provide a definitive"yes" or "no" answer on whether Lost Ark might arrive on consoles in the near future. "If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans actually want," he told Saed, "then I think it's something that both sides would be interested in!"

By "both sides," Park is presumably is referring to Amazon and Smilegate which share licensing rights on the game. He clarified the relationship between the two firms when explaining why Lost Ark isn't available in the Middle East or parts of Europe. Unlike previous Amazon Games games, such as New World, the company doesn't own Lost Ark. It's actually partnered together with Korean producer Smilegate RPG, who own the intellectual property rights. Park stated that the deal doesn't grant Amazon the rights to publish Lost Ark globally, only in specific regions of Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. Unfortunately, this makes it unclear if or when Lost Ark might arrive in new territories.

Another related question was the cheapest Lost Ark Gold reason it took such a long time it took Lost Ark to arrive in the west. It's true that the game's Korean release came in the year the year 2019, but it was only released internationally this year. Park wasn't able to come up with an explanation for the reason Amazon didn't approach Smilegate earlier, but he did say that Amazon moved in the direction it did due to the popularity of Lost Ark throughout the East.

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