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I really don't think next gen graphics are gont be good as we all thought. My understanding (and I am really far from educated in this) is next gen gaming will be about improved lighting, faster load times, and larger/more detailed worlds. The sport Control is a good example, since it utilizes ray tracing effectively. I only started playing and although some facial animations are weird, the ecological graphics are fairly amazing, and the lighting is pretty cool. But yea I'm not anticipating much change with Madden, sadly. Hopefully I am wrong though, I had been expecting EA would have this opportunity to Mut 23 coins completely overhaul the match cus it requires it imo.

The franchise mode ought to be profiting. Certainly they now have enough memory to print the team name for the team the player played on their stat card to their seasons? I dont get Madden 11 for ps3 had this. Madden 17 and 20 in my dont have it. Makes 0 feel. That would involve work my friend, and EA are not doing any of this unless it has the words"Ultimate Team" in it.

Sports matches are already fairly low power with good graphics, although they will be. Lighting/shadows, physics (both cosmetic and gameplay associated ), audience and arena textures probably have the most possible improvement allowed by the graphics power. Player textures and faces can have more details, but I doubt this is going to be immediately noticable for many people. However, this type of madden 23 coins cheap stuff requires modifications. The sport runs at 60fps. It's not like it is a 720p/30fps game.

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By spring
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