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Malegra can be among the top medications used to treat for arousal by topical stimulation. ADDA is a condition that requires sildenafil as a general treatment for ED. Numerous studies have proven its efficacy and security.

Numerous people choose Malegra to stay clear of ED. Malegra is a pill that can be used fast, and you will only require 30 to 50 minutes to enjoy the most sexually satisfying relationship in your relationship.

How to make Malegra work

Sildenafil is the main ingredient in the drug. It is a PDE-5 antagonist that makes use of 100 mg for each pill. It allows blood vessels in your body specifically in the genital region that improves blood circulation and allows for a full sexual erection. It softens the muscles in the penis. This improves flow of blood to the penis, which leads to an erection with more force which lasts longer. It also helps to heal faster following the ejaculation. It is important to note that the drug will work when someone is sexually stimulated.

How to take Malegra?

Single-dose Malegra 100 tablets along with water, without taking them out or damaging. It is possible to take it without food, however it is best to have a light meal on an empty stomach in order to attain the desired result. It has very little negative effects and performs better than other ED medicine in the marketplace.

Use Malegra at least an hour prior to your sexual activity and you can enjoy as much as 4-5 hours of the freedom of spontaneity. If you're considering expanding the duration of use of this drug and you are unsure, consult your physician to determine the exact dosage prior to commencing treatment.

Precautions and Warning

·         If you have an allergy to sildenafil, or any of the excipients that are that are in this formulation don't take it.

·         If you suffer from gallbladder disease or liver disease, you should not take this medication.

·         If you have an allergy to medications like sildenafil or other substances or foods don't take them.

·         It isn't recommended to take this medication when pregnant. There are indications of death in the unborn child when taking drugs during pregnancy.


·         To maximize the benefits of Malegra, it is advised to quit drinking alcohol prior to taking Malegra.

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