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I don't know what armour is best to my specific needs. All suggestions are welcome. We appreciate your suggestions. Since you've summoned me, I'll presume that you're in the club. The runescape gold question is, based on the type of training you are doing how are you preparing your strength? I'll bet you're using Slayer since it offers an excellent workout, if this is the case , then get a Black Mask/Slayer Helmet, Bandos Chestplate/Fighter Torso and Bandos Tassets. If you're unable to afford the tassets, of course you can just buy normal platelegs.

For boots , get Dragon Boots, gloves try for Barrows Gloves or if don't have them, you can get a battle bracelet. Amulet there is 2 chocies and a fury, if you have the cash or glory if you are short on cash. There are plenty of options, you just need to choose the top one that you can. If you're trying to build strength, the one thing you'll need is a dragon's defender. this is your priority!

You can sell it back to finance a higher skill like 85 herblore? No. If he doesn't have money at all and there's nothing to trade back. Is it possible to earn more for the time spent in acquiring it? Yes. There's no way you'll be able make enough money for BCP in the time it takes to build the torso.

In the end: Torso is not worth getting. Period. Should you not have the cash to spend, it's a great alternative. The only drawback I can see in slaying is the tiny chance of losing the prayer bonus. The loss in defence bonus is negligible. Can you prove it? The median money maker is around 1m per hour. It will take an inexperienced players for that long to master BA and then you'll have enough money to buy BCP.

I've never said the def bonus was a factor. If you check out my other threadsthat I favor str to def anytime in the course of the day. Also, you cannot sell torso back which means that the point is negligible. I'm able to assure you that "average" money maker is much less than 1m an hour. There are actually only a handful that make that much.

There were too many bots running at AZs. I could barely make 50k/hr there. The majority of slayers offer 80k+ xp per hr. I'm not aware of a single slayer activity with a rate of 80k xp/hour. Simply click the right time on AZS and you'll not encounter any issues. It's not like everyone doesn't bots slay as well.

I am 100k exp from 99 woodcutting. I wanted to purchase an Saradomin sword. But I figured I might as well make a topic on this forum and find out the opinions of everyone, on whether or not I should get the ss or BGS. This means that they are in the same price bracket in the present. I own a whip and dragon defender however I am unable to train to build strength using them. I prefer 2h weapons anyways. Then I can do about the same with the ss than I do with the whip anyways.

Means I am just about getting to the point where I am bored of doing, so I am probably planning to play some pvp related mini-games. Like clan wars. Perhaps I'll do a business or quests, in addition to some classes every at least once in a while. I have never really "grinded" and have done whatever I wanted to. Therefore, I am suffering with buy rs3 accounts woodcutting for months to end. Nothing better to do after grinding than to kill each other.

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