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New World Player Kills Over 1000 Boars to Test How Luck Works

One of the most exciting things about brand-new MMOs is that they often have all sorts of different interactions going on in the background, and that's precisely the case of Amazon Game Studios' New World. Despite a multitude of glitches that made the whole experience a bit rocky, some New World players are still content to play a refreshing new entry in the MMO genre, and also explore every nook and cranny of it. MMOs tend to offer diverse gameplay based on how players approach the game, and New World is no exception with all the ways players can get to level 60.To get more news about buy nw gold, you can visit official website.

Another interesting aspect of New World is that it features lots of gear perks and enhancements, like Gems, which can impact how much a build can be customized. Some stats are more straightforward in what they do than others, and even if others are currently bugged, there is a specific parameter that was always a bit of a mystery - Luck. This stat is supposed to govern how likely it is for players to find better loot when playing New World the more they stack it, but whether it worked was always up in the air.
Yesterday, a Reddit user by the name of SkyLineOW shared a very detailed post about their project of testing the impact of Luck on loot in New World by killing over 1,000 boars. This method consisted of killing around the same number of boars both with and without a full Luck set - in this case for Skinning - and test if the stat did or didn't provide more materials and better items. SkyLineOW's testing clearly proves that Luck works in a way where 1% equals +100 to the Luck roll needed to get Legendary materials on tier 5 nodes.

The full set of Luck increments nets around an 8% chance to get Legendary materials, which works on rare New World resources as well, including Ironwood trees, Wirefiber, and Orichalcum. This means that having the Luck stat displayed on the character sheet would be very beneficial, especially because SkyLineOW's testing demonstrates that the roll needed to drop Legendary materials from tier 5 nodes is around 101,150.

As such, further communication from Amazon to confirm the data would be useful to finally determine what a good setup entails. AGS is indeed communicating more with the community, and New World developers responded to questions about lag and AoE on the forum yesterday, which is great for the state of the game.

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