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Recently, some players in New World challenged the developers and asked them to run Myrkgard chest and portal once by themselves. The cause of the incident was that many players posted feedback in the game community that they were dissatisfied with part of the endgame content, and believed that people who had played the game would not design content like this. As a result, Amazon Game Studios accepted the challenge and released a complete video.

That's right, just like what other New World Coins game media wrote in the news before, some players have found that after several updates, high-level elite zones have become more dangerous for players. They thought it was impossible to complete a run under these conditions, so they started this petition, asking the development team to challenge the content in the form of a team and give a specific plan to complete it.

What's more interesting is that Amazon's development team readily accepted this challenge and released a 55-minute video that fully demonstrated the entire process. The video was named New World-Myrkgard Dev Run. 10 developers including game director Scot Lane appeared in the video and completed the goal in the required manner.

At the beginning of the video, the developers have stated that they are not professional players, so they are likely to face a higher risk of failure than players. The chaos that followed proved this, and they could barely pass the obstacles in front of them. In addition, they also shared some so-called tips during the challenge, but in fact, these tips are of no use. For example, ensure that the tanks in the team are kept in good condition as much as possible, and surrender when necessary.

The last part of the video shows how the development team failed-after a respectable fight and some playful jabs at some of the teammates who drew too many enemies, they called it quits.

For New World players, this move shows the goodwill of the Amazon development team. They proved that players' New World Coins Buy opinions and suggestions are being adopted gradually, and they hope that New World will become better in the future. I hope that when the problems inherent in the game that affect the game experience are solved, New World can become what I want. In any case, New World Coins is the main topic discussed by players, and it is also what every player wants most. If you encounter unsolvable difficulties in the process of earning New World Coins, you should visit Newworldcoins immediately and purchase New World Coins directly.

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