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New World MMO has encountered many problems since its release at the end of September, including bugs, bots, and exploits. For any MMORPG, these problems are fatal and may lead to premature death of the game. Judging from the current situation, New World's performance is worthy of respect, because there are still more than 100,000 players who believe that this game will get better in the future. Of course, the overall New World Coins evaluation of the game on Steam is not very good.

Scot Lane, the game director of New World, recently accepted an interview with the game media and explained the main reasons for these problems. During the interview, Lane said that the top priority of the development team is always to maintain the stability of online games, and they have always been alert to issues that affect the player's gaming experience. But this kind of problem and the development of new content are two completely different tasks, and the teams dealing with these two things will not have too much overlap.

He also said that although the work is very professional, the studio still has enough professionals to deal with these issues and develop future content. For example, when dealing with the recent New World Coins issue, they specially arranged game engineers who knew this part of the code, and formed a small team of gameplay engineers, designers, and artists to continue to develop the Void Gauntlet update.

After realizing that the current direction of the game was wrong, Amazon decided to adjust the focus of the current work plan-from launching new content as soon as possible to ensuring that the game can provide players with the best gaming experience. The Public test server was born as a result. After that, all new content prepared for the upper limit will be tested in this realm to avoid serious impact on the official version of game players. At present, the team has done a good job in fixing problems and testing new content. They believe that after finding a balance between speed and quality, players will be satisfied with the game.

Players who are keen on single-player games have not been ignored by the developers, they are developing this part of the content, including early and mid-term content. In addition, the endgame activities of New World will be further improved, so that new players can also have clear goals. Regarding whether the game content players most anticipated will be improved, Lane also gave a clear answer, including the size of the game world, the number of characters that players can create on a single server, and so on. The new server seems to be far away indefinitely, because with the New World Coins Buy continuous loss of the number of players, many servers currently open in the game have too few players. Amazon needs to merge these servers to make room for new players. Server.

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