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The company had stated that you could purchase The Torags's platelegs, helmet and the platebody, for 1.9 million. I looked over the prices and found out that if I bought them for OSRS Gold 1.6 million and then charge themfor 1.6 million, I will only spend 1.8 million, and also save coins. Then he suggested buying Bandos Boots, but I looked up Dragon Boots and they have an increased strength bonus and are less expensive. He also suggested that I purchase a an amulet and whip which I've purchased.

I've been camping at the metal dragons lately and have been looking for clue scrolls, as along with effigies and court summons i would suggest Vissy or something, but i do not want to overdo it. I've mostly been meleeing with a touch of mage once i've accumulated enough blood runes from droppings.

I don't have a lot of money like 600k cashpiles at the cashpoint, thats why I am in the metal dragons). How can I improve my set-up to make it more efficient or whatever. This is in the brimhaven Dungeon, not resource dungeon. Stats: 93 att, 86 str, 80 def, 89 hp, 80 range, 87 mage, 71 pray, 62 summoning.

Hey everyone, I've began playing RS for the first time and have several questions about something I've observed. Skill capes, everybody seems to be sporting one today What's the reason? barely anyone used to have these capes, and now I'm getting a lot of them on lower level players. Not just the cheap models like cooking/firemaking too.

Combat levels are increasing, is it just me or is everyone better now? It was uncommon to see an individual player with a score between 110-126, the only thing I can see now is red.Is this because of RS Gold 2007 the dungeoneering talent? Before I quit one of my favorite methods to make cash quickly was to purchase adamant bar from avansies. Is this still good money? Are there other options?

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By Bestmengqin
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