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The FIFA 22 Freeze and FIFA 22 Futmas, which the players in the FIFA 22 community are most looking forward to, did not appear in December. Instead, they were replaced by the main campaign called FIFA 22 Versus. The event was officially released last Friday, and a total of 14 players were selected and received special ice and fire cards. Do you want to know more about this campaign? Reading this guide, you will know how FIFA 22 Versus works.

FIFA 22 Versus-What is it?
The campaign will last for a week, during which a certain set of cards will have an ice and fire version. You can't get FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Coins Fire Cards now because they have been replaced by Ice Cards after Monday. Before Friday, you will have the opportunity to get an ice card through the card opening package.
In general, both the ice version and the fire version of the card have received major upgrades compared to the original card. With the power of Gabriel Jesus' gold card, the card's OVR is 83, and it has notable stats such as 84 pace, 81 shooting and 86 dribbling. His Versus items received a 6-point attribute increase, reaching 89. The fire version of the card has been significantly enhanced in statistics, his pace increased by 9 points, shooting increased by 6 points and dribbling reached 91, so this card is very useful for teams that lack breakers. But if you prefer to shoot with him, then you should choose its Versus Ice version. This card sacrifices a certain speed, but its shooting improves by 10 points.
Another major difference between ice cards and fire cards is skill moves and weak foot. Jesus' Fire item offers 5-star skill moves and 3-star weak foot, while his Ice item hosts 4-star skill moves and 4-star weak foot. On the first day of FIFA 22 Versus promo, a total of 3 players received special cards in the Ice and Fire version at the same time.

How much FIFA 22 Coins do I need to buy the FIFA 22 Versus cards?
Based on my previous observations of the transfer market, the prices of these cards will continue to fluctuate significantly before this Friday. I do not recommend that you purchase any FIFA 22 Versus cards before the end of the event, because you may suffer huge losses. Take the Jesus card as an example. Its fire version was priced at 1.56 million FIFA 22 Coins on the day when FIFA 22 Versus was released. After only 3 days, the price of the card quickly dropped to 1.24 million, because some players saw his ice card. So far, his ice card is still more expensive than the fire card, about 1.4 million coins.
Fortunately, it is much less difficult to buy other FIFA 22 Versus cards. You only need to prepare 6-digit FIFA 22 Coins to buy them in the transfer market. The second most expensive card in the series is Federico Valverde Fire Edition (CM, Real Madrid, OVR87), priced at 811,000 FIFA 22 Coins, followed by Marcus Rashford Fire Edition (LM, Manchester United, OVR88), priced at 605,000 coins. If you want to buy ice cards for these two players, you need to prepare 725,000 coins and 500,000 coins respectively.

If you are ready to add one or more new members to your team, the FIFA 22 Versus cards are a very good choice. Although the OVR and various data of these cards cannot surpass that of legendary players, their prices are cheaper. If you are short of coins, you can try UTnice's third-party game currency service. UTnice currently supports the Comfort Trade trading mode. You only need to fill in the necessary information correctly and place an order successfully, and their staff will help you solve all the remaining problems.

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