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Fildena  is an effective, reliable male enhancement medication that helps to cure male impotence, loss of erection, and premature ejaculation. The high efficiency of this drug is attained because of Sildenafil Citrate, an active ingredient found in the formula. This is the reason why this male enhancement medication has been dubbed Viagra. However, there is no proof stating that the effectiveness of the medication is as high as Viagra. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before taking this kind of medicine.

As with other medicines available in the market, Fildena also has side effects when taken in large quantities. These side effects include severe headache, stomach upset, nervousness, dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia, fever, and sudden weakness or numbness. The medication is available in the form of tablets and oral pills. Each has its own set of side effects that you should know about so you will know whether to take a higher dose or decrease the dose.

One of the most common and least expected side effects of Fildena 100 is a headache. This is because the head is being put into a state of temporary shock when the drug goes into the body. The pain will subside after a few hours. If you are taking medicine on a daily basis for your heart or blood pressure, be sure to contact your physician if this kind of side effects occur. These are normal effects that occur to anyone when these medicines are used.

Patients with high blood pressure or those who have had atherosclerosis can be at risk of getting a stroke. Thus, they should not take Fildena regularly. Those patients with angina pectoris that has not responded to other medicines should also avoid using this drug. If you notice that your heart murmur has increased, talk to your physician about your concern. He may prescribe another drug that will help you deal with the condition.

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