Longbow Ben's golden peg leg will be discovered after you've caught some fish from Bestmengqin's blog

Talk to Redbeard Frank, and ask him for RuneScape Gold his hook. He will inform you that you have to get him a date with Emily at the Rising Sun Tavern. You discover Emily in the tavern , crying. If you ask her what's wrong, she tells you that she'll need to close the restaurant because she can't have enough business.

She states that she requires five thousand GP in order to keep the place open. You can ask her to give her $5 if she's willing to meet with Redbeard Frank, and she says yes. Redbeard Frank will notify her that she has to pay the 5k. Then, he will give you the hook.It is now time to buy a Jug of Wine, and an Asgarnian Ale. To obtain the Karajama Rum you need to smuggle it in using the Banana Plantation like you did in Pirate's Treasure Quest.

For the last item the peg leg Ask Longbow Ben in the Rusty Anchor Pub how to get one. He claims that when his vessel was attacked by a rival pirate it was lost his precious golden peg leg. He has promised that if he gets the peg leg back, he'll give him his normal peg leg. The fishing platform in the area the place where his vessel was submerged and get there.

Bring the Fishing Rod! After you have reached the Fishing Platform then head over to the most southern fishing spot and cast your line. Longbow Ben's golden peg leg will be discovered after you've caught some fish.

He will give you the peg legs if you return them to Buy OSRS Accounts him. Bring the entire collection back to the Trader Stan and he'll tell you to complete one final task. You have to kill the Sea Serpent that sank a ship carrying 1/2 of his trade supplies.

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