In New World MMO, I decided to sign up for the Territory Competition Station from Millsonadam's blog

The faction I joined in New World is Marauder, because it sounds cool. I recently participated in a territorial battle, and as my compatriots and I assembled at Ebonscale Reach, the horn of the war began to sound. Inspired by the horn, we are about to launch an attack on one of the rival Covenant companies. Each company can send up to 50 players to participate in this battle, and the region will Buy New World Coins ultimately belong to the winner. I thought it would be a close battle, but I was shocked when I saw the report from my companion. The battle will begin soon, but only a few people from my faction have signed up for this battle. We are at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

Different monsters live in different areas in New World MMO, and Ebonscale Reach is occupied by monsters from level 51 to level 60. Although my level is only 26, the courage and sense of responsibility support me to come to this battlefield. My friends and I are bravely wading across the bayou into deadly territory in order to sign up for the battle, and the war board waits in the city across the water.

But this process was full of difficulties. Every enemy in the area wanted to kill us, because the level of my companion and I was too low. First of all, a resurrected skeleton soldier noticed us far away. As we went ashore and set up camp, it slowly but steadily walked towards our temporary residence with obvious purpose. The danger is not only that, a high-grade crocodile also smelled our scent in the breeze. After approaching, it has been hovering by the water's edge, seeming to be waiting for the opportunity to pounce on us.

Fortunately, our place is relatively close to the settlement. One of my teammates couldn't bear this kind of atmosphere anymore, and then she chose to return to the settlement. After that, I made the same decision as her, but I did not succeed. A crocodile locked me while I was moving and killed me before I rushed to safety. Before my vision blurred, I saw my teammates sprint through the gates.

I'm not sure if you are in the same state as me when you play New World, but I think it is very likely that you will be more relaxed than me when you play. Yes, in order to participate in the 50v50 battle, I jumped out of the area that suits me and visited a place full of dangers for my New World Coins character. If you want to avoid the same thing from happening to you, you'd better raise all weapon mastery to level 20 and all trade skills to level 200. Spend some New World Coins to buy a house of your own and at least a beautiful hat. If I can survive the obstruction of those crocodiles in the end, I believe I can control my character to do everything in New World.

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