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Prostatectomy and Erectile Dysfunction: What to Expect after Prostate Removal

Prostate cancer is second in incidence after skin cancer. More than 30,000 men are killed each year by this aggressive form of cancer in the United States. If caught early, prostate cancer can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or total removal.

Radical prostatectomy is a common procedure that is performed in around 60% of cases. This is especially true if the cancer has not spread to other parts. Prostatectomy side effects can be severe, and can include loss of bladder control or erectile dysfunction. These side effects can be severe, so men should know about them before deciding to undergo this procedure. Cenforce D medicine is used to the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Side effects of common prostatectomy:

Incontinence. It is common for the bladder to become damaged during the removal of the prostate. This muscle controls the opening and closing the bladder. Many men will experience some level of incontinence after the procedure. Some men may experience mild leakage while others may experience complete loss of bladder control, which can have an impact on their daily life.

Some patients can regain their normal function by doing pelvic floor exercises. In some cases, it may be necessary to adjust the intake of fluids. In more severe cases, additional surgery or medication may be required to correct the damage.

Infertility. Radical prostatectomy removes the entire prostate gland, as well as the seminal and vesicles. In many cases, the lymph nodes are also removed. Prostatectomy is always infertile because the prostate is responsible to the production of sperm and semen.

Erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, the nerve tissue responsible for sending messages to the penis from the brain in order to induce erections can be damaged by prostate removal. It is common for men to experience temporary or permanent erectile problems after surgery. Sometimes, nerve tissue can be repaired, but this may take several months or even years. Men may also choose to use medication or penile implant therapy to enhance their erection.

Increasing penis sensation

Prostatectomy is a procedure that requires men to have realistic expectations. It would be misleading for anyone to say that any product or device can remove the side effects. Many men can still have sex with their partners if they take care of themselves.

Men should follow these steps to increase their chances of having sex.

Encourage healthy circulation. Regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and the right clothing (not too tight or too loose) can increase blood flow to all parts, including the penis. This allows for oxygenation of nerves, skin, and blood vessels. The repair and growth of healthy tissue is dependent on oxygen. It is therefore important to keep the heart pumping for penile function.

Limit damaging activities. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and recreational Cenforce 120 drug use. All men should try to avoid these behaviors.

You must nourish the penile tissue. The penis, like all other parts of the body needs proper nutrition to function well. A healthy diet can provide some of the essential nutrients for penis health. However, even men who eat well often don't get enough vitamins and amino acids that will benefit their penile tissue. A high-quality penis creme (most doctors recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can replenish the skin with vital nutrients that will keep the penis resilient, healthy, and responsive. Fore More information Read Here.

Hotmedz provides additional information about the most common health problems of male organs, tips to improve male organ sensitivity and how to keep a healthy male organ. John Dugan, a professional writer specializing in men's issues, is an ongoing contributor to many online websites.

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