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As highlighted by Wowhead over on Twitter, of these three, Ring of Starless Skies was the first to appear. Next up, as revealed by Diablo 4 Gold Icy Veins, was The Doombringer, shortly followed by Melted Heart of Selig which was dropped in Blind Burrows and was found by a Necromancer player.

Diablo 4 players crash out of hardcore race thanks to glitch | MMOEXP  

A Diablo 4 player was 18 hours into their Hardcore Sorceress run when a glitch prevented them from moving or activating their life-saving skills, dashing their hopes of being one of the first 1000 Diablo 4 players to hit the level 100 cap on hardcore mode.

Everything had been proceeding without incident until they tried to use their ultimate skill, the animation for which seemingly froze their character, preventing them from progressing and essentially killing their run.

"Dying to a bug after 18 hours of play is brutal," Max "Maximum" Smith tweeted afterwards (thanks, PC Gamer).

Diablo 4 players manage to slay a World Boss in only 3 seconds | MMOEXP  

It took a group of Diablo 4 players only a few seconds to destroy one of the game's World Bosses.

Players of Blizzard's action-RPG have managed to annihilate Wandering Death, a World Tier 4 boss, in just three seconds. The battle, initially shared on the Diablo 4 subreddit, shows the group of proficient fighters immediately begin wailing on the baddie as soon as he spawns. He's no match for their forceful physical attacks and powerful spells, and his health bar, which is full at eight seconds into the video, is completely empty by the time we get to buy Diablo 4 materials 11 seconds.

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