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In the enchanting realms of TL Lucent, where magic and might converge, the choice of weapons becomes a pivotal decision for adventurers seeking to carve their legacy. One distinctive combination that resonates with both elegance and raw power is the Greatsword Wand Build. In this comprehensive beginner's guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Greatsword Wand Build, exploring the synergy between these two distinct weapon types. Whether you're new to the world of Throne and Liberty or a seasoned player seeking a fresh perspective, this guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to wield the Greatsword and Wand with mastery.

Understanding the Greatsword Wand Build:

The Greatsword Wand Build is characterized by its dual nature, combining the sheer force of the Greatsword with the magical finesse of the Wand. This unique synergy allows players to engage enemies both in close-quarters combat and from a distance, creating a versatile and dynamic playstyle.

Greatsword: Raw Power and Melee Dominance:

The Greatsword serves as the primary melee weapon in this build, delivering devastating blows with each swing.

It excels in close-quarters combat, offering a balance between power and reach.

Wand: Magical Finesse and Ranged Precision:

The Wand complements the Greatsword by providing magical abilities and ranged attacks.

It allows players to cast spells, control the battlefield from a distance, and engage enemies with precision.

Versatility in Combat:

The Greatsword Wand Build is versatile, allowing players to adapt to different combat situations.

Engage in melee combat with the Greatsword, then seamlessly transition to ranged attacks using the Wand for a strategic advantage.

Synergistic Abilities:

The synergy between the Greatsword and Wand abilities enhances the overall effectiveness of the build.

Combining melee strikes with ranged spells creates a fluid and engaging combat experience.

Building the Greatsword Wand Build – A Step-by-Step Guide:

Now, let's explore the steps to build and optimize the Greatsword Wand Build for beginners:

Character Attributes:

Distribute attribute points to prioritize Strength for increased melee damage and Intelligence for enhanced magical abilities.

Balance these attributes based on your preferred playstyle, emphasizing either raw power or magical finesse.

Greatsword Mastery:

Invest skill points in Greatsword Mastery to unlock and enhance melee abilities.

Prioritize skills that offer high damage output, crowd control, and survivability in close-quarters combat.

Wand Proficiency:

Develop Wand proficiency by investing skill points in the Wand tree.

Unlock ranged spells, control abilities, and passive skills that complement the playstyle of the Greatsword Wand Build.

Gear Selection:

Equip gear that enhances both melee and magical capabilities.

Prioritize items with bonuses to Strength, Intelligence, critical hit chance, and attack speed.

Greatsword Enhancements:

Upgrade the Greatsword using in-game enhancements or modifications.

Focus on enhancements that increase damage, add elemental effects, or provide utility in melee combat.

Wand Augmentations:

Augment the Wand with enhancements that improve spell damage, increase mana regeneration, or enhance control abilities.

Experiment with different Wand enhancements to find a balance that suits your preferred playstyle.

Skill Rotation and Combos:

Develop a skill rotation that seamlessly combines Greatsword and Wand abilities.

Create combos that maximize damage output, control enemy movements, and provide flexibility in combat.

Adaptability in Combat:

Practice adaptability in combat by switching between melee and ranged attacks based on the situation.

Learn to engage enemies strategically, utilizing the strengths of both weapons to your advantage.

Tips for Mastering the Greatsword Wand Build:

Positioning is Key:

Use the Greatsword's reach to your advantage in melee combat, but be mindful of positioning to avoid becoming surrounded.

Position yourself strategically when utilizing the Wand to maximize damage and minimize risk.

Combo Mastery:

Mastering combos is essential for maximizing damage output.

Experiment with different skill combinations to discover powerful and efficient combos that suit your preferred playstyle.

Mana Management:

Effectively manage mana to ensure sustained damage output with the Wand.

Use melee attacks when mana is low, reserving magical abilities for crucial moments.

Utilize Crowd Control:

Wand abilities often include crowd control effects. Use them strategically to control enemy movements and create openings for melee attacks.

Upgrade Weapons Regularly:

Regularly upgrade your Greatsword and Wand to keep pace with your character's level and the challenges you face.

Upgraded weapons contribute significantly to your overall effectiveness in combat.

Engage in Solo and Group Content:

The Greatsword Wand Build excels in both solo and group content.

Adapt your playstyle based on the situation, whether it's tackling dungeons solo or participating in group activities.


The Greatsword Wand Build in Throne and Liberty opens a realm of possibilities for adventurers seeking a balance between raw power and magical finesse. As you embark on your journey, wield the Greatsword with strength and the Wand with precision, adapting to the challenges that unfold. May your Greatsword Wand Build experience be a tapestry of versatile combat, strategic prowess, and the exhilarating mastery of two distinct yet harmonious weapons. Explore, engage, and become the formidable force that wields both magic and might in the enchanting world of buying throne and liberty lucent.

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