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How to Farm NBA 2K21 MT?

Getting NBA 2K21 MT is something offered in many ways, such as:

Triple Threat Online

Most boards have MT on them, and you can also earn a lot per game from just playing. I’ve earned over 10000 MT/hour playing TTO. Winning helps you maximize your earnings.

Triple Threat Offline

One way to quickly amass MT is to play the game mode Triple Threat Offline. It's a lot easier to win matches against a computer than against other players and it's an efficient way of grinding up some MT. Granted it's not the most efficient use of your time as you'll see in later entries, but if you've done everything else you're supposed to and want to burn some time earning a bit of MT on the side, then Triple Threat Offline is the way to do it.


Domination, especially upper levels. You get a ton of MT for winning Domination games (up to 2000 per game at times) and the games are usually pretty fun for offline play.

Auction House

The best place to get MT coins is the Auction House. You can sell your unwanted player for an awesome number of MT coins. Or, you can buy valuable player cards at a low price and then flip them for a high price.

Complete the solo challenge

By completing the solo challenge, you can find a deck of cards and auction some decent MT coins.

Liquidating your collection

Chances are, you have a few players that could sell for decent MT in your collection that you don’t use. Sell them and put the MT in your balance for what you really want.

Locker Code for free

No price is better than free, and NBA 2K21 gives you a few options for free players. You can redeem a Locker Code for player, pack, or MT in NBA 2K21 MyTeam.

Selling Useless Items

Unless you’re trying to collect cards for collector levels, holding a lot of cards in your collection is pretty useless. Therefore, you can be quickly offloaded in the auction house for some quick MT. This will net you a solid amount of MT in total.

Is NBA 2K22 worth playing?

The new NBA 2K22 is definitely worth it! Now you can buy and play. You’ll be amazed at the improvements to the game engine and AI. AI has learned to defend itself well. There is a way to fight against the most important player of the other team. There is also a way to save the orbit, called “walling” and “frame protection”.

That's pretty much everything you need to know about MT coins in NBA 2K22, While you wait to get your hands on a copy of NBA 2K22, you can also Buy 2K22 MT Coins from and build your dream MyTeam roster. As mentioned before, delivery should be fast and guaranteed, no matter what platform you are playing the game on.

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