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Mists Of Pandaria was the bear-button of jokes and the cause of anger over fans of the WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold scene ever since the announcement. How did Blizzard thinking? How did fans react? Justin Kardi ponders these events... In SONG FORMAT.

The Pandaria Song

In the late hours of one night at the Blizzard headquarters, they had an event to discuss the declining revenue. They discussed how the WoW Cataclysm Classic ers had been swaying away, to Old Republic, with a new Guild Wars on the way. Gentlemen, we need to stop this bleeding, The disgruntled subscribers are a message to listen, A New expansion packs are what we require, is needed, what do we want...

Are pandas pandas or pandas? They're warm, soft adorable and cuddly. Pandas, pandas, even although they appear funny. Any criticism I can think of is minor since the majority of our players reside within (China) Carolina. Pandas, pandas, pandas.

When gamers learned of this small news, there was excitement, but the majority weren't thrilled. Some suggested they'd expand their multiboxing one step at a time, Some said they'd give up, and leave and be running. I was thinking that these pandas were beer brewing drunks. Now they're mysterious, mysterious monks. I'm not sure how they'll fit in with the hard-core Orcan punks. I'm curious, can you tell me what you think?

Because they're pandas and they're kickass Kung-Fu Teddy bears. Pandas, pandas wear hats made of rice and aren't worried about anything. They've been in the game from WoW Cataclysm Classic, They were jokes until they were supposed to be serious. Pandas, pandas, pandas.

Could this be a major error or is it part of their plan? It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Blizzard is. Did they create their own target and then done an Leeroy, Gone and tripped their own decoy that is explosive. However, even though the competition thinks they're trumped as player numbers are down recently and you shouldn't think WoW is finally jumping The panda, the Panda...

Pandas, Pandas, They're not Horde or Alliance. Pandas, pandas, they stand on the fence, stooped in disbelief. Better than buy WoW cataclysm Gold a talking cattle (that's the same as a Tauren) They're creating Azertoth the ideal place to grow up in. the demographic of children under 12 is FTW. The dollar signs are creating an Activision Blizzard grin. Pandas, Pandas, Pandas.

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