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Under the floodlights of Seville's 60,000-seater La Cartuja stadium, two Andalusian sides desire the pitch for the newest chapter in their fierce local rivalry. It's perhaps the largest game of their lives – and it soon shows. Moments after kick-off, crunching slide tackles fly in and opposing players barge one another for the ball. One late challenge lights the touch paper and both teams square up to 1 another, arms outstretched, chests overvalued as they wave imaginary yellow cards at the referee.

As the fouls tally up, so do the goals. Atlético Sanluqueño go 3-1 up. within the last half, CD Gerena, chasing the comeback, abandon their patient, possession-based play. Pacy wingers and powerful forwards are subbed on, long balls are Buy FUT 22 Coins cannoned into the box, wave after wave of attack is repelled by heroic leaps from Sanluqueño's centre-backs. But there's only most that the backs-to-wall defending can absorb; Gerena pull a goal back.

With minutes remaining, and desperation sapping already weary legs and minds, Sanluqueño launch a devastating breakaway – they win 4-2. because the players wheel away in celebration, the Gerena team slump down on their haunches. Some shake their heads, others look to the heavens. They know the way much this match means – it'll go down in history united of the foremost influential 90 minutes of football ever played. Yet it won't ever be found within the record books.

For instead of club colours, either side is sporting Xsens motion capture suits. On the touchline, crews are hunching over laptops. Short-range signalling devices, tracking players' motion to the millimetre, sit within the stands alongside production staff studying tablets displaying live metrics. Thousands of miles away, an animation director is carefully watching proceedings unfold on Zoom. But this isn't the work of an area age scouting team, nor the newest coaching innovation.

These are the makers of FIFA 22. For the first time, EA motion-captured a live 90-minute football match, tracking players' movements to a granular level which could then be added to its animation database. The gaming publisher looked for the big details down to the minutiae: from how a full-back strikes the ball with their laces, to how a playmaker instinctively glances over their shoulder before receiving a pass. “Ultimately, realism equals a better game,” says Gareth Eaves, senior animation director at EA who led the session remotely. “We wanted to do it for years but the technology just hadn't been there.”

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